Creme caramel

I knew this recipe since my childhood under the name creme brulee. I was surprised to find out later that its name is actually creme caramel. No matter the name, the taste is unforgettable.

Smoothie mango-banana-orange

It is probably the most delicious smoothie I ever made. Is sweet, creamy and with a rich taste.

Sarmale - Romanian Stuffed Cabbage

If you ask a Romanian what is the traditional food for Christmas, for sure you'll hear about sarmale. So, I couldn't miss this recipe.


Pasca is a traditional cake for Easter. But I did it for Christmas!


This is a Romanian traditional cake made especially for Christmas and Easter. I like it also for breakfast in ordinary days, so I cook it more often than twice a year.

Smoothie raspberry - banana

I love raspberries and they are probably my favorite berries. So, I couldn't stop doing a smoothie from them.

Pumpkin and almonds tart

I had in my fridge a big slice of pumpkin and I didn't know what to do with it but I've found a way to use it.

Pork stake with smashed potatoes

It is a very classical recipe and this is how I do it.

Milk bread

I was craving for some white, fluffy and tasty bread, so I searched for a recipe with milk in my cookbooks

Steamed salmon and vegetables

A very healthy food and extremely easy to make.

Smoothie avocado - kiwi

This time of the year in normal to be cold, so we all 3 achieved the performance to get cold. What can we do about it? What about a smoothie with fruits full of vitamin C that fits well against the cold.

Whole wheat bread

This is a recipe I do weekly or even more often.

Cheese and raisins tart

This is a version of a tart I was doing very often, but lately I almost ignored it. It is a super fast tart.The only key ingredient is the type of cheese used, that here in Belgium is not easy to find. I had it brought from Romania and stayed in the refrigerated until I have decided to do something with it.

Cheese ravioli

There is a large variety of pasta, each with its taste, shape, color and aroma. Ravioli also, can have a lot of fillings, but for this recipe I chose to fill them with cheese. And not the classical ingredients, but the ones that I found lost in my fridge.

Linguins with shrimps

From one pack of shrimps left in the refrigerator and a box of pasta I made a dish unexpectedly devoured by my little girl. Definitely, near the basic ingredients there were others and a lot of love ... 

Semolina with milk

I have known the classical semolina with milk  as being a children dish. But why it should not be good for the grown ups as a dessert ?

Millet and banana biscuits

An option of biscuits without gluten, without sugar but sweet only from bananas.

Pumpkin pie

This is a pie that I was eating with so much pleasure when I was a child and it was my favorite in the pumpkin season.

Chicken skewers and couscous with dried fruits

What about some couscous for today?

Chicken with sage and lemon

I love to cook Costel. This is how we call our chicken hidden in the oven and then we devour until the last bone.

Chicken wok with peanuts

Athough I prefer the european food, I enjoy also diversity. So, let's go for a wok ... of chicken and with peanuts.

Ginger and raisins cupcakes

Ginger is a spice with a special aroma. So, I have decided to use it this time in cupcakes.

Apple tart

The autumn is the season of apples and if there are some remaining after the I have eaten enough of them fresh, then there is nothing more suitable than an apple tart just taken out of the oven.

Pancakes with coco milk

Because I had some left over coco milk  from the white chocolate cake, I was thinking of make an exotic pancake recipe. Even before finishing them, I have received some comments from the people walking on my street that sounds like "Mmm it smell so good, somebody makes pancakes !"

White chocolate cake

I felt that it was the moment for a fancy cake. But I wanted a simple one that I can make in steps: Thursday evening the cake dough, Friday evening the filling and Saturday morning the assembled cake. Looks like this ..

Digestive biscuits

I was looking for a recipe of healthy biscuits with less sugar for my daughter. Look what I made ...

Traditional chicken soup

A traditional Romanian soup, very easy and very healthy. It is my favourite soup, I do it very often for my family and is simply delicious.  

Lemon tart

Sour taste of lemon tart is particularly special during the hot summer evenings ...

Banana and almond cupcakes

In the morning I spoil myself with a cupcake near my classic milk cup.

Chicken and vegetables roll

A taste you will never forget.
Baked chicken vegetable mixture, cheese and ham is a marvel. Where you put that look like small packages that you eat with your eyes.

Tomato juice cake

A very consistent cake but in the same time, light.


 A version of quiche very tasty and quick to make.


Papanasi are a kind of doughnuts. These are made in the oven and they are healthier that the fried ones, because they are not filled with oil. Combined with a light cream and cherry jam, they are indeed delicious.

Seafood pasta

A quick recipe and very tasty, for 4-6 portions.

Black chocolate tart

A cake with  a strong taste of chocolate, but not so sweet. It goes well with a raspberry or strawberries syrup dressing.