Yogurt bread

This is a bread that looks more like a cake because is very tasty.

Coconut Milk Flan

Looks like a creme brulee but the taste and aroma is different.

Yogurt with honey

This time I tried a sweet yogurt.

Emerald doll cake

Happy birthday, my sweet baby! Today you make 18 months and your mother prepared a special cake for you.

Yogurt with muesli

Home made yogurt is not the quickest recipe I ever tried, but for sure, once you have tried this one, you would not want to hear about yogurts sold in supermarkets enriched with so many preservatives or unnatural flavors. More natural than this recipe cannot exist ...

Tomato soup

I am not a big fan of cream soups but I wanted to try some variations.

Cocoa sweet bread (version 2)

So simple, so quick, so delicious ... is definitely my preferred version of this type of cake. It is even better than my previous version posted here (Cocoa Sweet Bread)

Lemon muffins

A muffin recipe with a refreshing taste. They are fluffy and very delicious.

Sour cherry yogurt

I like to make variations of classical recipes so here is one.

Mushroom soup

Although I prefer transparent soups in which you could see the ingredients, I don't refuse  a creamy delicious soup.

Cheese and chives muffins

Salty muffins, perfect in the morning for breakfast, as a starter or to snack between meals.

Salmon and broccoli quiche

It is so delicious and so easy to make .... and eat :)

Banana - coconut smoothie

Simple, quick and delicious.


This is one of the most simple recipe but difficult to succeed it. I have tried dozens of versions until arriving to this miracle recipe. Most of the times I was beating well the eggs white but i was failing to cook them right.
So here it is, perfect meringues, dried outside, well filled inside and with no big holes.

Creme brulee

Creamy, crunchy, sweet, easy to make ... what could you ask more for a desert?

Sweet potato pie

I wanted to try a pie recipe with vegetables. What is more appropriate than sweet potatoes? Look at the result ...