Apple cake

Would you like a quick festive cake? This is my magical recipe with apples. The trick is than it is a simple reversed cake decorated as a festive one. But it is a light one and more healthy! So. let's see the recipe ...

Olive bread

This is a bread I wanted to do for a long time. But because of the retard in the fridge, it didn't suit my needs or my schedule until now. So, during the weekend, as I had enough bread I took the luxury to play and make this bread.
With a very sticky and wet dough and a nice flavor from the olives I was wondering how the result would be. My patience was challenged with more time needed for the bread to to raise in the fridge.
When I reverted the bannetons I was almost disappointed because the loaves deflated quickly. In my sadness I even forgot to score the 2 breads and I put them straight in the oven. I didn't even want to look at them but... the miracle came from the oven spring when the 2 loaves raised unexpectedly well. Huh... what an emotion ... but what a bread came out .... just wow! I simply love this bread, it is so flavored, with so many whole inside, with such a nice crust, with such a soft crumb ... cannot find more words to describe it. Because of the retard in the fridge, the bread took a bit of sourness but is suiting so well the entire taste.
This is a bread that worth to be done many times because the result is so rewarding ...

Apple and almond tart

This autumn I've got a lot of apples and storing all of them it's a problem. So I need to eat or use them in a cake or something. And, what's better than an apple tart? The answer is an apple tart with almonds! It's quick and delicious!

Pain au levain with whole-wheat flour

I have avoided to make this bread because the author mentions that will not raise as much as the other ones. Nevertheless, I have decided to give it a try. And I was not disappointed at all. It raised nicely and the taste and the flavor were amazing.

Organic simple bread

A bread with one type of flour: not a regular bread flour but an organic one.  The dough was wet and difficult to work with. Then, I had to delay to put the bread in the oven more than 1h30 as the recipe required and the bread was a bit over proofed. Even if the result was no so wow because the bread didn't raise as much as I would have liked, the result was good and tasty. It worth a second try adjusting the time of the second fermentation.

Organic spelt bread

I love to make bread with preferment because the taste is much profound. But I can only do this during the weekend when I am at home. When the weekend is busy to I need a recipe that needs to be done in maximum 5 hours that remains after a normal working day.
This recipe was more impressive than expected. The dough was wet, didn't raise a lot during the 2 fermentation stages but in the oven raised so nicely. The taste was also impressive for a straight dough, remembering me of the country bread. This is definitely a bread that worth doing it more often.

Apple clafoutis

It is definitely the apple season and I cannot resist to bake something with them. This clafoutis has a reach taste, it is very flavored and remembers me of creme brulee.

Simple apple pie

Very close to my house there is an orchard of wild apples that almost nobody bother to harvest. They fall on the ground every year and they serve as food for the horses brought there to graze between the trees. The trees make small apples, they do not look perfect, they have worms but they are totally organic with a sour and sweet taste and a special aroma that you cannot compare to any that you can find in a supermarket. And every year I select some good ones before they are eaten by the horses and put them in a pie. This year I was lacking time for a more advanced recipe so I made the most simple one.

Bio buckwheat bread

I had some buckwheat flour in my cupboard and there were some months since I wandered what to bake with it. So I have found an interesting recipe and this is the result. The dough was almost grey and the bread is also darker. The taste is great, with a special flavor and is indeed remarkable. It is a straight bread so no preferment is made.

Whole-wheat multigrain

This is a bread with seeds you can choose. I selected 4: sun flower seeds, flaxseeds,sesame seeds and millet. The result was fantastic as taste and the breads raised so nicely.

Vermont sourdough with rye flour

After a deserved holiday we are back home and I missed baking bread. Here I come back in force with a new recipe for an excellent bread. The recipe was inspired from the Hamelman's book.