Rhubarb - Plums Tart

Oh no, not rhubarb again!
Last year I bought a little rhubarb tart and plant it in my garden. It grew up bigger the previous summer then, it almost disappeared during the winter. I knew that it should be harvested starting the second year, so I waited patiently. This early spring it grew up big, very big and I harvested it now for the 3rd time. This is how, here is the third rhubarb tart I make this summer! I took 2 big stalks, but not enough for a big tart, so I had to complement it with something else. I had in the fridge some very very sour plums, almost impossible to eat. It was the perfect element to add near the sour rhubarb in my tart. 
I planned to fill it in with my classing almond filling. But oops... I only had 70g of almond powder left. What to do? I added coconut flakes instead. I think this is the way we all do (don't tell me otherwise as I won't believe you), we replace things in the recipes that we miss. Unless you plan very well in advance you need to improvise, but improvise wisely with things that can work.