Creme caramel

I knew this recipe since my childhood under the name creme brulee. I was surprised to find out later that its name is actually creme caramel. No matter the name, the taste is unforgettable.

Smoothie mango-banana-orange

It is probably the most delicious smoothie I ever made. Is sweet, creamy and with a rich taste.

Sarmale - Romanian Stuffed Cabbage

If you ask a Romanian what is the traditional food for Christmas, for sure you'll hear about sarmale. So, I couldn't miss this recipe.


Pasca is a traditional cake for Easter. But I did it for Christmas!


This is a Romanian traditional cake made especially for Christmas and Easter. I like it also for breakfast in ordinary days, so I cook it more often than twice a year.

Smoothie raspberry - banana

I love raspberries and they are probably my favorite berries. So, I couldn't stop doing a smoothie from them.

Pumpkin and almonds tart

I had in my fridge a big slice of pumpkin and I didn't know what to do with it but I've found a way to use it.

Pork stake with smashed potatoes

It is a very classical recipe and this is how I do it.

Milk bread

I was craving for some white, fluffy and tasty bread, so I searched for a recipe with milk in my cookbooks

Steamed salmon and vegetables

A very healthy food and extremely easy to make.

Smoothie avocado - kiwi

This time of the year in normal to be cold, so we all 3 achieved the performance to get cold. What can we do about it? What about a smoothie with fruits full of vitamin C that fits well against the cold.

Whole wheat bread

This is a recipe I do weekly or even more often.

Cheese and raisins tart

This is a version of a tart I was doing very often, but lately I almost ignored it. It is a super fast tart.The only key ingredient is the type of cheese used, that here in Belgium is not easy to find. I had it brought from Romania and stayed in the refrigerated until I have decided to do something with it.

Cheese ravioli

There is a large variety of pasta, each with its taste, shape, color and aroma. Ravioli also, can have a lot of fillings, but for this recipe I chose to fill them with cheese. And not the classical ingredients, but the ones that I found lost in my fridge.

Linguins with shrimps

From one pack of shrimps left in the refrigerator and a box of pasta I made a dish unexpectedly devoured by my little girl. Definitely, near the basic ingredients there were others and a lot of love ... 

Semolina with milk

I have known the classical semolina with milk  as being a children dish. But why it should not be good for the grown ups as a dessert ?