Whole wheat sourdough bread

Although the white bread is my favorite, the one with whole flower is also remakable. And if you consider that this recipe is also with sourdough, the is no doubt that is tasty.

Cheese souffle

I do rarely this recipe in my kitchen. But this doesn't mean that is tasy and worth to be tried.
This is a royal delight with the recipe taken from a book that Andreea gave me. Thank you Andreea, as you see the book is more than useful.

Pain au levain

There is no bread I made more tasty than this one. Inspired from the recipe of Hamelman, this bread outstands for its aroma, its crunchy crust and its chewy crumb.


This is the cake for the 1st of June for my sweet baby Irina. Sweet, fresh, light and vibrant as you are.
The name of this cake comes from the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. The origins of these cake are disputed between New Zealand and Australia, countries in which this dessert is very popular.

Vermont Sourdough bread

This is another version of Vermont breads of Hamelman.