Blueberry muffins (version 2)

I asked my son what he would like to make the muffins with. I offered different options but he was firm that his preference was blueberries. He then assisted me and helping with some steps in the preparation of these beautiful muffins. 

This is a super simple and quick recipe with ingredients that you usually keep in your fridge, with the exception of blueberries of course. You do not have blueberries? No problem, pick another fruit.

It is not the first time that I do blueberry muffins, here you can find my first version. I use these muffins as a snack for my kids during the school day, so keeping the sugar at a low quantity is important for my kid's general health.

Coconut Bundt

There are times I wish I lived in another century, but then I remember that I wouldn't enjoy all the remarkable progress the humans made since then. But I can close my eyes and dream that I was leaving in a countryside castle and enjoyed the style of those times. Then I can just open my eyes and I am back to our times. So convenient right?

I leave you to imagine the same and and a bit more... a bundt cake made with coconut.