Stureby Deluxe white bread

I made this bread hoping that it would look like in the photos of the original recipe. The bread turned out to have an exceptional taste but for the outside look, my expectations were too high. For the sake of the taste, I made this bread for the second time. This time, I made it following strictly the original instructions and baked it in a wood oven hoping for an improved result. There was however something that I have changed and this is the way the 2nd fermentation was done. I did it at room temperature, while the original recipe asks for a retard in the fridge for 10-14 hours. In this way, the bread had a less sour taste. Both times I didn't reach that good looking bread but if you close your eyes and just eat it... you can call it a perfect bread.

Apricots and almond milk ice cream

I continue my adventure with ice cream recipes. Now it is the season of apricots and I like very much their taste but my stomach likes them less. So, the only way to satisfy both my body and my taste is to cook them. Making ice cream from apricots sounded then a brilliant idea.

Olive bread (version 2)

In life we are always looking for new things that we believe they could make us happy and we forget that often, the happiness might already be found between the things we already have. A similar thing happens to me: I am very tempted to try every time a new recipe and not always I end up with a satisfactory result. So, why then try new recipes when the key of success might have been already tried. This is how I decided to revisit one of my old successful recipe and make just few changes to it. First of the change was of course the oven. The previous bread was baked in a conventional oven while this time I baked it in a wood oven. The quantity of olives was also substantially reduced. Then, as I needed a bigger quantity I have multiplied some of the ingredients by 1.5. One may say that in this way I ended up with a totally different recipe but what it is more important is the result. This bread is INCREDIBLE ! It is my favorite between maybe all the breads I made and ate in the last year. So, why to look for a successful bread between new recipes when I have already reached perfection with one of my old breads?

When doing this bread I forgot one thing and that was to flour well the bannetons. When turning them, the dough was stick to their bottom and I reached to that moment when you say "Ohhhh, nooo... forget about a good looking bread today :(((( ". Well, somehow I reached to have the dough of the loves in one piece and give it a slight new shape. The surprise came from the oven, where the bread raised unexpectedly well. Adding to this the INCREDIBLE taste and a gorgeous crumb... here is the recipe for a successful bread.

Vanilla ice cream

A very classic recipe of vanilla ice cream that is homemade. Classic, but it can beat any vanilla ice cream found on the market.
I was used to make ice cream by freezing smoothies. It is more simple this way but it lacks the creamy aspect. I thought making creamy ice cream is something complicated. Well with this recipe I discovered that it is not. The vanilla ice cream is in fact a classic vanilla custard that is frozen. What you get is an amazing ice cream to have in your freezer when you want a little treat for yourself.

Seed bread

A bread full of seeds, all kind of seeds. The most exotic type of seed used here is the mustard seed. I have never used this seed before in a bread and I was surprised to see it between the ingredients. It adds a bit of a spicy flavour and taste. Of course, the quantities of each type of seed is a matter of choice. You can easily chose to change how much of each seed type or even to avoid some. Also, the variety of seeds is not limited to my list. You can be as creative as you like. I have put 250g of seeds in total in this bread. You can put more or less.
My target with this bread was to taste the mixed taste of seeds inside of the bread and this is clearly achieved.

Sour cherry and orange cheesecake

I have started with a recipe of a lemon cheesecake. By improvising, I have arrived to this amazing cake. I have replaced the lemon zest with orange zest collected from some organic oranges. As it is the sour cherry season, I was thinking to make a red topping to give a bit of strong color to the cake.
The sourness of the sour cherry layer contrasts perfectly with the heaviness of the cheese layer.
Decorated with some extra cherry makes this cheesecake a good candidate for a festive cake, for example, for a birthday cake. It gets such a refined taste while it is not too sweet.
I think I can call this cheese cake one of my best ever done. When it was put on the table, it disappeared almost instantly.
My daughter usually picks what she likes best when she is in front of a slice of cake. Incredibly, she eated all layers: she loves biscuits, so the base was her favorite, she loves cheese and oranges too, so the cheesecake layer was good as well and she loves red, so the jelly topping was not put aside.

Buckwheat bread

I had an opened bag of buckwheat flour that was standing in my way anytime I was looking for something in my cupboard. One day I have found a good place for it, back in another cupboard, somewhere in the back. But the next day I saw this recipe and I realized that the best place for that flour was to not in the cupboard but in a bread.

I needed some bread for the same day so, sourdough was not really the option. The original recipe was asking for dry yeast but I used fresh. Anyway, the recipe was meant to be made with a bread machine, so I had to adapt it to my own way. Even from the list of ingredients, I removed the sugar and the lemon juice.
However, there was an element that tricked me when doing this recipe and that was the weather. During the day, the outside temperature has raised a lot and caught me with an unprepared oven when the dough was ready to be baked. The result was that the bread was over proofed. Well, not that much to miss a beautiful bread, but enough for the bread to be flattened.

The crumb of this bread has a gray color and this is due to the buckwheat flour. Its percentage in the total flour is not that much but is enough to change the taste of the bread and to make it delicious.