Chamomile natural shampoo

When I made my first shampoo bar I didn't know what to expect. Would my hair like it? Would it be as good as the classical bought shampoo? These are normal questions when you make a radical change from store bought shampoos to homemade ones. I have now months since I completely change to use only my homemade shampoo. Although the feeling is totally different, I am very satisfied with the results and I do not have any reason to go back.
More, in my last holiday I packed one bar of shampoo. It replaced a soap, a face soap, a shower gel and a bottle of shampoo that I used to take with me. All of these into one single bar. No leaking and less space in my luggage.
Some of the bars from my previous batch I gave them to 2 of my friends. One of them seemed to like it a lot, so I have decided then that I should do my next round sooner then expected. Here it is. Same healthy and nourishing properties but different aroma and colors.

The chamomile tea brings extra benefits like reducing dandruff, helping with hair growth, preventing split ends and making your hair to shine.
Beside the chamomile tea, the rest of ingredients come also with their incredible benefits: tea tree essential oil to fight against dandruff, lavender essential oil for hair growth, cedar wood essential oil to avoid hair loss; the jojoba oil to control your hair, prevent hair loss and dandruff, the sweet almond oil and vitamin E for long shiny hair and control hair loss, the cocoa butter to repair damaged hair and I won't add all the benefits of the remaining oils as I assume they are very popular.
This mix of ingredients is a miracle for your hair. Just give it a try it ...

Simple lemon tart

I find myself lately quite often opening the door of a fast food shop for the lunch break. This is mainly due to the lack of time to cook at home for the lunch as well. Fast food indeed, but not any shop, I chose mainly the ones with organic and fresh food.
One day, after picking a salad or a sandwich, my eyes were falling on a tart, strategically placed near the queue formed before the pay. As you can imagine, I am talking about a lemon tart. That day I picked one piece. The next day, the story repeated. I was a bit frustrated that such a simple tart would cost so much in an organic shop so I said, oooook... my next cooked desert at home would be this one.
So, the lemon tart appeared on my to do list during the weekend.

I baked it and my daughter didn't want to even look at it. Hmmm.... I was confused because she usually doesn't refuse deserts and she likes very much everything that has a sour taste, including raw lemons. Then, I was looking at my tart for a moment thinking that this one would be almost fully mine. The next moment I realized that my daughter didn't know exactly on what she was saying no so I made her taste it. She took a bite, almost forced, like it was the most disgusting food, but when she had it on her tongue she looked at me and she said: "I want the whole slice!". Forget about having my own lemon tart :):):) ...