Carrot apple icecream

Simple, quick, healthy, delicious.

Spicy carrot-zucchini soup with lovage

A quick soup, full of vegetables with spicy accents. Healthy and full of vitamins. Take it with a slice or two of sourdough bread and with a secret ingredient ...

I have to be honest and recognise that when I was a child I simply hated any additional herbs in my food. With time, this has changed and more specifically when I arrived in Belgium where the supermarket food didn't have the same smell and taste as the one picked from my grandmother's garden. I turned then to herbs to increase the taste and flavor. Step by step, I learned to recognise all herbs and their translation in French. Although not a herb, I remember that in my process of learning the translations in French, the most funny was the celery (root). I was used with a celery full of dirt, no bigger than an apple and with a strong smell. I went several times to the supermarket and couldn't recognise it. I spotted a root vegetable, big as a cabbage, white and very clean and with almost no smell. To be sure, I made a photo and send it to my mother to confirm. I also checked the wiki as I thought maybe it was another specie. But no, it was the Belgian supermarket celery.
Coming back to my herbs identification, there was one that I didn't find it at all. I had its strong smell and taste in my mind but it was impossible to buy it here. One day, a friend brought me a small pot with some little plants. Immediately, I have recognised it and he confirmed that he had brought the seeds from Romania. It was lovage, and this was the herb that I was talking about. I took great care of it, I have planted in the greenhouse but unfortunately, when I have left in a 2 week holiday, the plant has died. Since then, I had in mind to bring this plant from Romania myself. My mother gave me some plants, root included and I have transported back to my house. I planted them in pots and let them in my greenhouse. Now, they are well raised and I had the great pleasure to use them for the first time with a soup. Here they are. Lovage. My secret ingredient for seasoning.

Raw vegan pear-passion-kiwi cake

I made this cake in a hurry, but with a double special occasion, for my dear husband. Being a cake for a men, I stayed out of any pink layer and put more accent on green.

Here it is, my second raw vegan cake. It could not stop to impress me how easy and healthy these kind of cakes are.

Spicy chicken, coconut and sweet potato soup

I'm in the mood of a healthy and delicious soup. This has oriental influences and the addition of the coconut milk makes it fantastic.  I am simply in love with this easy and amazing recipe! It is so tasty... I simply cannot stop eating it ...

Strawberry coconut ice cream

To increase the variation of fruity sorbets you can add a magic ingredient that will make your ice cream smoother and creamy. This ingredient is  coconut milk. Just try it and you'll see the difference!

Chocolate berry muffins

A quick and delicious recipe for muffins with chocolate and berries.

Carrot cake

Do you like the carrot juice? I simply love it, but what do you do with the pulp that  remains after the extraction of the juice? Please do not tell me that you are throwing it away! You may at least put it in the compost. Or, I have a better idea, use it in a cake. I made before a bread with the same carrot pupl, do you remember? Look at it here. But now it is not about a bread, is about a cake, again with no sugar. Carrots are sweet and to add more sweetness I have used 100ml of maple syrup. You can use also honey if you prefer.
This cake is perfect to have it with you as a snack during the day in the office. My daughter asked for a piece every day for her snack at kindergarten.

Beet soup

The soup that I made is a beet one, complemented with some other vegetables. I recognise that I took advantage of its colour to "sell" it to my daughter. And it worked, at least the first time.

Quince yogurt

During my last visit in Romania I have received 2 pots of quince jam. They were tasting exactly how I remembered this kind of jam from my childhood. But this jam is so sweet that it cannot be eaten as it is, so combined with some yogurt would make a perfect combination.

Whole wheat pumpkin seeds bread

I made this bread as a trial (as most of all actually :) ) but I never thought that the end result will be so impressive. I ate this bread as a delicacy and I appreciated it like one of the most rich bread ever.
I made also a carrot soup and this bread with pumpkin seeds fitted the soup like two faces of the same coin.
Now when I write this post, the bread is almost over and I am already missing it. It definitely requires a second round of this bread.

Raw vegan berry cheesecake

Oh no, no... don't ask me if I turn raw vegan... I am not even turning vegetarian (at least not now :p ). But, this does not stop me from dreaming about a healthy creamy cake. I am not joking... cake and healthy are 2 words that can stay one near another. What about a cake with no sugar, no diary product and no bake and extremely delicious? Neeeeh this cannot exist ... or at least this is what I thought. I was seeing before these kind of recipes but in my mind they should have tasted terribly bad. Until... until my best friend convinced me to try to make one. I was hesitating in the beginning but in the end I was not loosing too much ... it could have just turned out to be a cake to throw in the bin. So I have search around and around on the internet .... and there was no recipe to convince me. I chose one and adapted heavily even if this ose my first cake of this kind.

Surprisingly for me, the internet is full of blogs with these types of cakes and I was not even aware about how they can be. You do not need a special cookbook... just a simple search and then your problem will be just to decide which one. Looking at a photo of a cake like this was nice but behind I thought that it should have been a lot of bad fat and sugar. Well .. this is not the case.

So, step by step, reading one recipe after another I understood quickly 2 things: I needed cashew in a bigger quantity and coconut oil if I wanted to try any of those cakes. The first step was to gather the right ingredients and right quantities. Cashew, I had some, but keeping more than half a kilo in my cupboard was out of discussion, Luckily, you can find it in most of the supermarkets. The coconut oil was instead a problem. You can buy this ingredient mostly from organic shops, so I had to look for one having it.

With all ingredients on my table, a mixer, a blender and a bit of research about how these cakes are made i have started my journey for healthy cakes.

With only few minutes invested in this recipe and some breaks while it was in the freezer to get consistency I ended up with a cake that was a real revelation. I simply have no more words to describe it. I spread the word to all my friends as the last discovery in cooking healthy and tasty.
So creamy, so amazing, so delicious, so healthy, so beautiful and so easy. I have never been so excited about a cake before like for this one.
Although it is called a cheese cake, do not worry, there is no cheese inside, is only cheese cake alike.
It was the first of this kind for me and I swear won't be the last. It opens to me many roads... many ideas and fulfills my wish to eat cakes without feeling guilty that I five my body something difficult to manage like sugar and bad fats.

Here it is, my first raw vegan cake ...

Carrot soup

It is not very traditional in Romania to have creamed soups and when I have joined Belgium I had a shock to discover that almost all soups were unclear. I was used to see what ingredients are in my soup, while here it was just a cream, I was staying away from any kind of soup that was pureed. My biggest fear was that those soups were made from powdered soup.
One day I took the courage to make a pureed myself. I was pleasantly surprised to see that was not that bad. And since then I try all the colors for my soups... of course with fresh ingredients. This one is a yellow one.
Let's try it ...

Strawberry banana ice cream

It is not summer yet? Who cares? I am in a mood of a simple and delicious ice cream. Do you want to join?

White sunflower seed bread

I just came back from the Easter holiday from Romania. I spent there, two lovely weeks with the family and friends. I have visited so many people and I was invited for their rich and tasty meals. In Romania, bread is something that cannot miss from a festive table.
Lovely food, but ... because there is a but ... I missed something very much... I miss my breads. As weird it can sound, it was impossible for me to taste any of the bread was given to me there. All the bread was of course bought from the shop as nobody really has time there to make it. The bread was nicely raised with an impressive white crumb but when tightly taken in the hand it was becoming like a tree bark. The crumb was disappearing between the 2 crusts. I've tried it, ate a bit and let it on the table. I simply could eat anymore this kind of bread ! It was tasting and looking like pressed paper. So for 2 weeks I was bread free.

Coming back, I had only one though in my mind and that was to bake and eat again my sourdough bread. How I was in serious lack of time to inspire from other sources I have just thrown in the bowl the ingredients for this bread. I made 3 beautiful loaves and brought one of them to my nice neighbour.
I don't have to say that this bread, after 2 weeks of bad bread, was tasting to me as the most incredible bread in the world.  And I thought that it was because I have missed my breads so much until my neighbor came back to me with the feedback that he has been eating the bread bear, with no additional food on it, as it was impossible to stop biting from it. With this, I thing requires no more presentation from me.
Here it is the recipe ...

Rice with milk

A simple and a very well known dessert. I remember the pot of rice and milk my mother did when I was a child. Of course it was more simple with only rice milk and sugar and no fancy flavor ... but oh... it was soooo good. Later, I found out that it was also the favorite dessert of my husband as well.
And here it is ... less sweet but you can add more sugar if you prefer or substitute with some filling of raspberry sauce or jam.

This dessert will always be in fashion due to its amazing taste and simplicity.