Cocoa sponge cake

A sponge cake is usually a very easy desert to do. My mother used to do it very often in my childhood. Last week I was asking myself what snack to give to my daughter. Sponge cake was the right answer. My daughter didn't know exactly what this was so she was a bit reluctant to the idea. But when I made it, the cake disappeared in one day and my daughter requested me to make more. My son also got really fond of the cake as well. A real battle between them about who has the biggest slice. I had then no chance than to bake the cake a second time this week.
When I am baking for kids, sugar is at low quantities between ingredients. This recipe is for a large cake and the sugar is not predominant for the taste. I like it like this and my children did not complain at all about not being enough sweet. Otherwise, if you like very sweet cakes you can even increase the quantity up to 400g of sugar instead of 150g.
This cake is easy to make but can be even more simplified. I made 4 layers with different shades by adding gradually one teaspoon of cocoa powder in the remaining batter. It can be done with just 2 layers (one with and one without cocoa). At the limit, cocoa powder can be considered optional but in this case you obtain a simple yellow sponge cake. I like however that my cakes looks nice also not just taste well.

So here it is ...

Rye spelt sourdough bread

Some people like to find a good recipe and stick to it. I also try to find good recipes but I am always tempted to change little things to test other versions as well. The possibility to change your recipes of breads are practically unlimited. Even if you use the exact same quantities there will be always something different in the home baking unless you use a perfectly controlled environment. Days differs as temperature, flours differs from year to year even for the same source. But this is what makes for me bread cooking fun: you know what you are up to but you never know what you'll get exactly.