A recipe for winter, that maybe any housewife tried in Romania. Mmmm and they are so tasty near a stake ...

Kugelhoph with Turkish delight and nuts

This is a type of sweet bread, perfect for breakfast.

Turkey schnitzel

For sure this is not the healthiest recipe, but has an outstanding taste.

Muffins with Turkish delight

Very quick to make and ideal for a sleepy morning.

Braided bread with mushrooms and chicken

Very practical to take them in your lunch box, but they are very special also as starters.

Cheese cake - New York style

So soft, so delicate, so tasty, so cheese cake ! In New York style.

Cheese and onions pies

Fluffy and delicious pies to take over in you bag when you are on the road.

Smoothie avocado - lemon - mint

 A sour smoothie but flavoured and consistent.

Pineapple upside down cake

This is a very quick and easy cake to do any time of the year, especially because I always keep in my pantry a canned pineapple compote.

Kiwi tart

This is a version of the lemon tart that is actually done with kiwi. The result is even better than a lemon tart!

Dumpling soup

Children love the dumpling soup. I also love it!

Roasted potatoes

I love potatoes. They are so common but there is always a way to make them different.

Chocolate crackers

I like to have in my house a box with something to crunch. What about some chocolate crackers ?