Rye bread

Let me tell you the story of my last project. I was really fund of stencils and initially I noticed them for cake decoration. But then, I realized that is not only for cakes ... it can be used for anything you'd like, starting from painting a chair, a wall, a table, a blouse and, why not, for decorating breads. To start painting the walls of my house I have to negotiate with my husband who likes very much the walls as they are :D.... for other furniture in the house .... hmmm ... I need to find some that are suitable for this... so why not to start with what I do most often and is in totally in my hands.... BREAD! 

Tuna, tomato and mustard tart

Do you like savory tarts? Sometimes they are called quiche. For me it is one of my favorite salty dishes. It is a tart, it looks like a dessert but it is not. You eat it as a main dish and is just great. With or without meat, almost always it included vegetables. And you can include in it any left overs that you have. This one is with tuna fish. As vegetables there are tomatoes. And there is one ingredient that makes this tart so special: mustard. I wouldn't have believed that can add such a flavor and taste to a quiche like this but it is indeed a must.

Nutella muffins

There has been some time since I baked some muffins. So, why not to try something special... mmm something with chocolate but also light. As I was not pointing to muffins that looks more like brownies I decided to hide the chocolate inside. I have used Nutella but this is not a commercial, you can pick any similar one or even pure chocolate you like.

When you bake them in advance I would advice to heat them for 15-20 seconds in the microwave. They will become soft and the chocolate inside will melt nicely. It is heavenly ...

Here is the recipe:

Kamut bread

I was running out of bread so I had to do one during an evening after work. I grabbed a bread book and picked the first simple recipe. It was the to be the Kamut bread. I made once a bread with Kamut and hazelnuts and turned out then to be a good choice. This time it was different...

Rye bread

Rye adds to the bread a special flavor. It remembers you of country breads and it travels your mind back in time in your childhood when you were visiting a relative on the country side. At least this is what it happens to me when I taste a rye bread and I can say that is one of my favorite grain for bread.

This is again a straight sourdough bread that requires less time than classical ones as it contains rye.

Black and white chocolate cake

Every year on the 7th of January we celebrate in Romania Saint John. By a nice coincidence, both my mother and my mother in law are named with a feminine version of the name John. Of course, with such a rare thing, we couldn't miss to add this name also to our daughter. And this doesn't stop here, because my grand father was called Ion as well. As you can see, Saint John in our family is definitely a very important holiday and we celebrate this day, every year, in all directions!
For this occasion, in the few time I had,  I made a quick cake by combining the dark chocolate dough with a white chocolate filling. I did not add sugar as the white chocolate I had was very sweet.
The cake was so good that it disappeared very quickly in our stomach :)

La gâche bread

I have no clue why is called like this so if you can give me a help maybe I'll extend my knowledge in this domain. But I did a little search and I found that "La gâche" is a  type of local brioche flavored with orange or a type of flat, rounded local bread in Normandy and Brittany. Well, what I have here in the photo or recipe is none of them. So, I do not know why the author of the recipe called it like this. And as he is a French baker I can assume he has a good reason to call it like this and I can only trust that he knows better than me.

This is a simple and classical bread with a soft and aerated crumb. It has a very nice taste and my guests called this bread the best they have eaten from me. I would not probably score it that high especially because it is not a bread with preferment (which give a superior flavor) but it is for sure a very good and simple recipe. The dough is a bit wet and might be tricky to work with it but it definitely worth to be tried.

Deli rye bread (or caraway bread)

Do you like caraway? For me, caraway is not the first flavor I would chose, but this is a mater of taste. However, I took my courage in my hands and I decided to make a bread with it. I picked the bread book of  Hamelman and went to the kitchen to make it. It is of course a recipe with preferment. The result was an amazing and lovely bread that raised so nicely in the oven. I would definetely do it again ... (but without caraway :D).

Whole wheat bread (version 2)

It has been some time since I did my last bread with pure whole wheat flour. I almost forgot the strong aroma, the dark color and heaviness of this type of bread.

Multigrains baguettes

I had some remaining multigrain flour and wanted to get rid of it in a nice way. What could have been more easier and tasteful than some baguettes? And not only simple baguettes but decorated with sunflower seed.

My daughter loved this bread the most from all I ever made. You can guess why, because it was full of seeds on the crust and was such an interesting activity to discover and eat the seeds one by one. She liked it so much that the next bread I made, she has shown me that there is no seed on the crust :)

And she didn't eat only the seeds, she also loved the bread, probably because it was more suited as size for her...

Pancake cake

If you cannot decide what you love the most: the pancakes or chocolate cake than here I have a combination of both. Yes, a delicious pancake cake very easy to make. It is a very fine one and looks so fancy even if you start from trivial pancakes.

Tartine bread with sesame seeds

This bread is a reedit of the basic tartine bread of Chad Robertson but this time there is an extra flavor added with sesame seeds.

Banana pizza

or banana tart if you prefer...

I have found this recipe long time ago and I declare it my favorite tart with banana. Is very easy to make, it is very quick and is a delicious desert to serve especially when you are missing the time to bake more fancy cakes.