Spelt bread

A country bread with a special flour.

Beetroot and feta tart

Last year I had some beetroot seed and I have planted them in my garden. Late autumn, I got some very nice beetroots from them. I have steamed them, hidden them in the freezer and I found them back these days. I thought to use them for a savoury tart and look what I made.

Raspberry tart

An intense taste of raspberries, fresh and delicious.

Shortcrust pastry (Pâte brisée)

This is a basic recipe for for tart crust.

Chocolate bundt cake

This is a special chocolate cake. The exterior is crispy and the interior is fluffy and moist.

Homemade yogurt

I'm very fond of home-made food that can be easily done from raw ingredients. I buy regularly raw milk for my little one from a neighbor farm, so I had to try it for a delicious yogurt as well.

Folded apple pie
Very simple and quick. I don't have to mention anything about taste ... it's easy to guess.

Cocoa sweet bread

I made this recipe because I mistakenly confused it with another one. But before realizing it, I was already halfway, so I continued. The result was above expectations: a super fluffy cake that is melting in your mouth.

Chicken in Dutch oven

So simple, so natural, so delicious.


I simply love them. Fluffy and crusty.

Yogurt and raisins pie

It is probably the quickest and the easiest pie I know.

Cherry compote clafoutis

A very quick cake and extremely tasty.

Almond and banana cupcakes

Fluffy, soft and extremely flavored. In the morning, both me and my daughter are running to take the first cupcake.

No knead bread

A delicious home made bread, no knead.