Buckwheat ciabatta

What about a bread with an intensive country taste and buckwheat flavor?

I love so much the warm bread with homemade yogurt that sometimes I test my new breads like this.

Polka bread

This is not a traditional bread with a single recipe. It takes its name more from the shapes on the crust made when scoring. You'll find it round or oblong, it is generally a white bread but the point is to slash the top with crossed cuts.

Pear and chocolate muffins

My daughter loves chocolate and I try to vary the versions of muffins that she eats in the morning. This one uses chocolate chips and in combination with diced pears they are just perfect!

Ardèche daisy bread

A bread that comes from Ardèche, a region in France. It has distinctive shape, that looks like a daisy. It is made from 7 small buns. It is basically a rye and wheat bread to which sesame seeds are added. You can sprinkle some seeds for decoration.

Salmon and tomato tart

I don't do only sweet tarts, I do also savory tarts and believe me that they disappear as quick as the sweet ones. Here is a salmon and tomato tart ...

Fine apple tart

This is another apple tart recipe. I made some other recipes before like Apple tart or Apple and almond tart or Apple clafoutis or Folded apple pie or Simple apple pie ... (I know, you'll tell me I like apple cakes and you are totally right) but this one is really a fine one. Its secret is in the layer of vanilla filling that is just under the apples. It gives a very fine taste to the entire tart. And if you have some tasty apples like mines then you'll get a perfect tart.

Shortcrust pastry / Pâte brisée (version 2)

I was quite used with my old recipe of pâte brisée, and when you have a successfull recipe for basic things you really don't want to change it. However, I was tempted to try something new to see if it would reach my high expectations. This is how I arrived to do a new recipe of shortcrust pastry. Of course there are the same ingredients but the balance is changed. Would this be better than my classic recipe. I would say yes! I like it more. Why? I do not know, I feel it easier to work with it and even without refrigerating it before the use. The taste is similar but kept its shape better, probably because there is more flour in it than in the other one. If you prefer, you can add some sugar in it, but I preferred not to do it. I like to keep it simple with no sugar when there is no need for that. And is suitable for both savory and sweet tats.
Lets see together this recipe.

Chocolate muffins

Are you in love with chocolate? I am, and I have tasted many chocolate cakes ... but these ones are.... oh my God... melting into your mouth, so soft and delicious ... my words cannot describe such an incredible taste. Try one and you'll forget about any chocolate cake you have eaten before ...