Country sunflower seed bread

You can make great bread with unfed sourdough as well. For this bread I have used both fed and unfed sourdough. the result was a bit denser than expected but the taste was excellent.

Hazelnut chocolate cake

I use to give to my daughter a little snack when she goes to school. She prefers her snack to be made up from 2 things: one is a fruit and one a pastry one. My concern was then, what should I bake for her that goes well in her snack box and that she won't refuse. We have searched together my cookbooks and we have stoppped to a page of a cooking magazine. My daughter told me: "This is... this is what I want". Of course, she has pointed this cake... it was chocolate inside :)
Looking at the ingredients seemed to be OK but with some adjustments. So, I changed this, I changed that, I doubled this, I have reduced that, I added this. In the end, I have deviated the original recipe so much that doesn't look at all as the one I have started from. It is a "moelleux au chocolat" to which I have added, at the request of my daughter, a box of chopped hazelnuts.

The crust is a bit crunchy but melting into your mouth. I have decorated the cake before baking it with some small pieces of chocolate and here it is my result ...

As this cake was a collaboration between me and my daughter, she liked it very much.

Durum rye bread

Lately, I find myself trying different combination of flours. This time I tried durum with rye. Wow.... what a combination... with a great result.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Ooooh Mediterranean food.... more specific, Italian food .... what can be more delicious?

Some spaghetti with home made bolognese sauce. Aren't you just a bit hungry ?

Tomato soup (version 2)

Near the chicken soup, the tomato soup is one of my favorite. That sour - sweet taste in your mouth when tasting a tomato soup is just crazy. And if you eat it with croutons, then is total craziness.

This version of tomato soup is also enhanced with some carrots and celery and I may consider it better than my previous version.

Kamut sesame bread

 A combination of kamut flour and sesame. You are barely seeing the sesame inside but the flavor is enhanced. I simply love the kamut flour for its properties and its sweat taste. In addition, the sesame seeds add even more taste. I am simply crazy about this bread. And look at how nicely the bread opened after scoring ...

Galette des rois

La galette de rois ... a traditional French cake that is eaten once a year, for the 6th of January. It is a cake with a little ceramic surprise in it. Find it in your slice and you'll be crowned as king. We are celebrating this in Belgium as well, so lets take each a bite.