Charcoal soap

I made charcoal soap before but this time I wanted to go more to the extreme and focus mainly on the properties of this ingredient.
I had in mind a soap dedicated for cleaning the face and activated charcoal is well known for this. In addition, instead of using pure water as liquid, I used chamomile tea combined with aloe vera. Chamomile tea is recognized as being anti-inflammatory and anti-septic and helps fading spots. The same, aloe vera gel has heealing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation.
What else would you like for a face soap ?
The lavender essential oil brings a relaxing mood and also contributes to killing bacteria.

Here it is...

Baked doughnuts (version 2)

I want doughnuts! This is what I heard quite often lately from my daughter, so here I am.
I have a sandwich maker that knows to make also nice doughnuts and this is the way I did these ones. A healthier way compared to frying them in hot oil. But if you do not have such a device, frying them is an alternative.
My daughter wanted absolutely to decorate them and instead of making a glaze and she was so happy to play with sugar paste. The decoration is exclusively made by her and I can only be proud of her skills.
If you do not decorate them, you might increase the quantity of sugar up to 250g, but as I knew that the decoration was sugar paste I preferred to make the dough less sweet.