Cheese bread

I have noted this recipe to make it for a long time but it was always another one to do. But look, its time it arrived. Despite of a lot of negative opinions I've read about it I was stubborn to do it anyway.  They were pointing that the crust becomes bitter because of the burned cheese after the baking. So I was careful not to make the crust so brown and I baked it at lower temperature than normal. And the result was a success. Maybe it didn't raise so much that I would have liked but the taste of the bread was exceptional. I have tried a bite when it was still warm and I had the feeling that I was eating some cheese crackers. When it cooled down, the strong taste of cheese has diminished.

Pizza dough

This is a recipe I use for years. Is so simple, so flexible that even if I have dozens of pizza dough recipes that I want to try I usually end up doing the same one.
From the quantities bellow I do 2 pizzas. Half I bake in the same day and the other half I keep it in the refrigerator in a closed bowl for maximum 5 days.

Roasted pepper salad

This is a recipe I know from my mother and I remember perfectly from my childhood its taste of vinegar combined with the sweetness of the peppers. But I think it passed years since I didn't do this recipe. It was the time ...

When I tasted them, I had a revelation. How could I have ignored this food for such a long time? Even my husband rewarded me with a long "mmmmmm" after the first bite.

Mushroom quiche

Sometimes I am starting with an interesting recipe but I replace one or two ingredients and I continue with replacements until I march what I found in my cupboard. In this way I arrive to make my own recipes. Sometimes they are not extraordinary but sometimes the result is a real success. This is what happened with this recipe and it turned out to be extremely delicious.

Lemon kugelhof / bundt cake

It is quite a long time since I didn't bake a kugelhof. I don't know why, but in the summer I'm more into fresh fruits rather than cakes. But I felt the need to come back to my old habits...

Sourdough baguettes

Between so many sourdough breads, a baguette recipe couldn't miss.

Pain au levain with multicereals and multigrains

This bread is nothing else than the famous Pain au levain of Hamelman that I have redone for the simple reason that I have found lost in a cabinet a bag of multicereal flour that my husband bought by mistake.

So, I wanted to get rid of it by throwing it in a bread. The result turned out to be an amazing bread.
I wanted a big loaf and I chose to not divide it in 2 but to make just one.

This was also my first bread baked directly on the stone thanks to the supper peel that my husband created for me. I have baked till now only on baking sheets and it was the moment to progress a bit. Thank you dear Florin, great tool for bread baking!

Whole rye and whole wheat sourdough bread

As I said before, I like to keep 2 types of sourdough one with white flour and one with rye flour. This is a bread with rye sourdough.


I love meatballs but in the Romanian cuisine they are better known as fried and this is not necessarily the most healthiest. So I had to find a way to eat meatballs without frying them. The solution was to bake them in the oven. Instead of absorbing oil, in the oven they release the extra fat and the result is for sure healthier.

Rye sourdough starter

In one hot summer day I have decided to make another variety of sourdough and to ten a bit my Maya. This is how my sourdough is called. Well done, so I have started to feed it with rye flour instead of white bread flour. It seems that she liked this change because she leavened quite nicely as you can see in the photo.

So, this is what I have done:
  1. Take 15g of white sourdough and put is in a cleaned jar together with 15g of water at room temperature and 15g of rye flour. Mix them well and let the jar with the lid open.
  2. Repeat the same process at 12 hours for another 2 times. If one can desire to continue for some more times is perfect, but I was anxious to use it and I made the 40% rye bread with sunflower seeds with it.
After that, keep aside another 15g, feed it with rye flour and water each 15g and store it in the fridge. From here the process is similar to the white sourdough.
Further on is simple to use it. Just take it out of the fridge 24 hours before you start your bread and feed it twice every 12 hours with rye flour. When the time for the 3rd feed has come you can use it for bread.
If you do not wish to keep 2 sourdough jars in your fridge you can always give up on the rye one as you can always easily reproduce it. As you can see, the process is not at all sophisticated.
I prefer to keep 2 versions of sourdough in my refrigerator because, just in case something goes wrong, I have a backup.
If you don't use it so often, take it out of the fridge at least once a week and feed it, then put it back to the refrigerator.