Chestnut flax seeds sourdough bread

Sometimes I am not really in the mood of doing anything over the weekend. I want just relax and have a lovely family weekend. It was the case of the last weekend. I can do a lot of compromising for a relaxing weekend, but bread is not one of them :). It does not require a lot of work, just to follow up a good schedule. So this time I made a lazy bread, throwing into the mixing bowl whatever flours or bread ingredients were coming into my view with the least involvement from my side.

Cranberry and hazelnut sourdough bread

I came back to my first (book) love and restarted to bake breads from Hamelman's book. The problem was that I almost finished the sourdough bread recipes and the yeast ones were not really inspired me. With some practice and clear experience of Hamelman recipes I have taken my courage to change his raising ingredient from yeast to sourdough. In this way I have far more recipes to test... but with my own touch. This is a recipe started from his book but continued in my style. The resulting bread was beyond my expectations. In the good sense of course.

Banana and chocolate muffins

These muffins are perfect when you are in need of a quick, simple and delicious dessert or a morning muffin.

Mickey's pancakes

Cherry jam or raspberry jam? This is my dilemma for these pancakes. Because the pancakes will be eaten for sure.

In fact, it is the first time I made pancakes and they were gone in one shot. None of them was left for later ...
... and with this I doubt they need more presentation ...

Lemon tart with meringue

Few days ago, I saw a lemon tart on a friend's post. My appetite went so high that I promised myself that my next cake would be this one. And ... I kept my promise and here I present it ...

It is incredible ... I am crazy about lemon tarts... it is a lovely combination of sour, sweet and crunchy crust. If I have it daily, I could eat this tart every day :)

Spelt muesli bread

Usually, from 1 kilo of flour I make 3 oblong loaves of bread. They are enough for my family for one week. Would you believe me to tell you that this bread disappeared in half of the usual time? Well, you can guess the reason... it was too good to remain on the table.

Pink pure

Let's play with food. We color the pure and we make a face. One calm, one nervous. Which one do you prefer?

I have chosen to color the pure in the most natural way, with beet that I have produce myself in our green house. Some time ago after the harvest, I have boiled the beet, let it cool and freeze it. Now it was ready to use it.

The result was a pink pure ... what else could be more interesting for a little girl?

Dried raisins yogurt

Simple, delicious, natural. This is my definition for a good yogurt. If to this we add a special ingredient, like a dried fruit, then you make a remarkable dessert.

Moelleux au chocolat / Chocolate lava muffins

This is by far one of the best muffin recipes I ever tried. It contains no raising agent, they are full of chocolate and they taste like haven. Crunchy outside, soft and melting inside. Extremely simple to make and D E L I CI O U S result!

Red wine and pear cake

This is a fruity cake. I had some well ripen pears and instead of eating them fresh I wanted to throw them in a cake. I have added some chocolate to be more fancy and here it is!

Quiche Lorraine

Ups! I almost burned this one. But not quite too much.

I made this savory tart with one goal, for my daughter to take for lunch. I knew she loves the bacon so I thought that she won't refuse it.

I made it on Sunday and put it on the table for us as well to taste a slice. My daughter ate the slice until the last bite and asked for more. I couldn't be more happy. We ate a slice as well and the remaining was for her at school. It was her lunch for 3 days in a row and each time she came with the empty lunch box. The forth day, she asked for more of "that good tart with flower" but unfortunately was nothing left. I have the feeling that this will be a tart that I do over and over again :)

This traditional quiche lorraine is a very simple one to make. I had a big tart pan of 32cm so I had to double the original quantities.
I think it is not worth to tell if it was good or not... the love of my daughter for this tart speaks for itself ...

Belgian rice tart

I have this recipe in mind for a long time. I have tasted it years ago and promised myself to try it by my own. I have all the time postponed it, but now its time has arrived.

Interesting is that the first rice cake (without cinnamon) I have ever tried I have also photographed and I can bring it here now after almost 3 years:

This recipe is for a small rice tart. Next time I would double the listed ingredients to make a bigger one.

Chestnut chia bread

I made another discovery in my cupboard: a bag of 500g of chestnut flour....  mmmmniam ... and this was destined to be in my next bread, so here it is.
The bread was big. I chose to bake it in a dutch oven but now I think would have benefited to be divided in 3 and baked separately as the core of this big bread was a bit dense.
But the taste... oh... it tastes like a cake. It is sweet even I have added no sugar.

Lavender muffins

This is from the same series... what cookie my daughter will take to school as a snack?
I wanted to cook with lavender and when I saw this recipe I said... this is for me. With some little differences because the original recipe was looking like a rectangular loaf and my daughter expressed her clear wish for a round cake. Round to be then... but more than one and smaller ... of course, what could be else than muffins ?
A bit of violet color couldn't miss and to make it more interesting I have hidden some Turkish delight in the middle.
Success guaranteed!

Cranberry yogurt

I found myself buying yogurt for my daughter from the supermarket because she liked it better than mine (that is homemade !). I asked myself why? I asked my daughter as well and she replied: Because it is pink! So, not because is sweeter, not because is stored in a human shape bottle inspired from famous cartoons! Only because it was pink! Hmmm... it was the moment when I realized I could have done something about this. My secret ingredient of course was some food coloring. I made it sweet but not with sugar, I poured it in colored pots, add some dried fruits and test it on my daughter :). Well well... surprise... mommy's yogurt is also pink! The next they she asked for more. Huh... tough to compete with supermarkets :):):)

Chicken and tarragon gratin

There are many ways to eat chicken and potatoes. The version that I like the most, also because it is very simple, is to bake them in the oven. If to this you add some herb aroma and some fresh sour cream and milk it turns to be more delicious dish than you would expect. Assort this dish with some cucumber salad and your meal is complete.

Hemp spelt bread

I continue to experiment with different flour combinations and seeds. It was the time to combine spelt with whole wheat and white flour. But the key ingredient was the greasy seeds of hemp. I never used them before, but I had that moment asking myself: what if... but why not? And here it was ... consistent, healthy and tasty.

Green chicken salad

Are you in the mood for something green, straight in the middle of the winter? What about this salad with Greek influences?
Serve it with some tzatziki or just enjoy it as it is.