Quiche loraine with cherry tomatoes

I have made a quiche loraine before and this one is a deviation of it. It differs for the added cheese and the addition of cherry tomatoes. The resulting quiche tastes differently but it is as good as the previous one.

Chia whole wheat bread

No, these are not my slippers - even if they look like :) :) :)

These are breads made with the bulk fermentation over night. I have kept the dough in my cool pantry at around 10ÂșC just to have worm bread at lunch.
Chia seeds added the "cherry on the cake" for this partially whole wheat bread.

It worth from time to time to have the afternoon free during the weekend days and profit of the fermentation retarded over night.

Chocolate waffles

What about an unsweetened snack ? You can combine this snack with something sweet or savory.

Black whole wheat sourdough bread

A bread 100% whole wheat organic flour. The barley malt contributed to the darkness of this bread and also to the taste.
The bread had a very soft crumb and a strong crust.
Usually the whole wheat breads do not raise so much and they get a dense crumb. To help with this aspect I have added some gluten powder and, as you can see, it worked perfectly.
So far, I can declared as my favorite whole wheat bread.

Raspberry and pistachio clafoutis

A light cake for a beautiful Sunday afternoon. A lot of fruits, a little sour taste, a soft and smooth texture. Just try it!

Chicken with peas

I know this recipe for such a long time.... My mother used to make it a lot when I was a child. For some unknown reasons I simply forgot about it in the last years. I made it now again and wandering myself how come that I was not doing it lately. Such a tasty and healthy food !

Durum sesame bread

I have made this bread recipe before but I was not patient enough to let it rise completely. After the bake I ended up with a flat and dense bread. With this lesson, this time I have improved 2 things: let it rise for more time and add a bit of gluten powder. Now look at this result... all my 3 breads developed a wonderful ear! The crumb is nicely aerated and the roasted sesame seeds added the cherry of the cake for a durum bread.

Dried fruit cake

I was tempted to bake this cake as I usually do for this type, in cupcakes cases. But as I wanted to have a variation also I chose a classical cake rectangular shape. But it would have turned out for sure as great in round cupcake cases.
This cake is extremely easy to make. It takes you more work to cut the dried fruits more than the preparation of the rest of the cake. And as you can use any fruits you have available, if you chose small dried berries or raisins you exclude the cutting work as well.
The cake is having very little additional sugar. Dried fruits are coming with their own sugars and flavor. It might look like a Christmas cake but you can match it perfectly for any breakfast with a cup of tea.