Broccoli quiche

I had some opened packages of cheese in my fridge and I wanted to use them in a quiche. As I had also some brocoli, I quickly invented a brocoli quiche.
For this tart you do not need salt if the bacon is salty. If it is not, just add some at your taste. Let's see it.

Buckwheat flaxseeds sourdough bread

The addition of buckwheat flour in the bread dough changes everything. The texture, the taste, the color, the way is raising.Usually when I make a buckwheat bread it does not raise too much. For this recipe I added only a small quantity and the effect was immediately seen.

Spelt-oat sourdough bread

Oh, how I love this bread ... a chewy white crumb, a lovely color and texture and a taste that leads your mind to the country side.

Banana - yogurt muffins

How much I have missed my muffins recipes! And my daughter as well. She was so excited to see them again.
The idea came to me when I noticed this recipe in a free book that I have downloaded initially for curiosity. Well, it was not at all a disappointment but rather an impressive success. Although the author calls this recipe healthy banana - yogurt muffins, I wanted to improve even more the first word and reduce the quantity of sugar. After doing the recipe I realized I could have reduced it even more as the the recipe contains bananas and raisins that are naturally sweet. However, I have replaced the quality of sugar and use brown instead of white sugar. This also contributed to reduce the sweetness of the overall batter.

Finally I like these muffins and my daughter even more.

Poppy and sunflower seed sourdough bread

This bread is mainly a white one with some addition of poppy and sun flower seeds. The difference is that it is baked on glass pans and tends to be a kind of sandwich bread.

Pumpkin seeds sourdough country bread

At the request of my guests I had to bake in the last month almost bread with soft crust. To obtain this, I baked the loaves in glass pans. Although I have reached to nice and tasty breads, I am still a fan of rustic breads, baked directly on the stone, with a pronounced crust. It was then clear that my next bread to be one like this. Instead of shaping it in 3 as I normally do to obtain oblong loaves, I chose to bake only one big round loaf in a Dutch oven pan. It simply filled my heart with joy ...

Basil sourdough bread

I simply cannot stop loving herb breads. This time it is basil, a basic herb in Mediterranean cuisine. The aroma that it gives to the bread is outstanding. For this recipe, I used both fresh and dried basil but of course it works as well if you have only one type.