Vermont sourdough with whole wheat bread

This bread is small and delicious. For sure next time I'll make it double.

1.2.3 Sourdough bread

1.2.3 and the bread is ready! No, I am not referring at the time but to the quantities: 1 part sourdough, 2 parts water, 3 parts flour.
And oh yes, I am the lucky owner of a new sourdough grown by myself ! And this bread is the first one I do only with sourdough and no yeast. To conclude, now we are talking about only 3 ingredients: flour, water and salt.

Sourdough pancakes

The experiment to raise my own sourdough is ongoing. My first trial failed but in the second I have great hopes. The excess of the sourdough remaining form the feedings and considered "to be thrown away" I kept it in the fridge to use it for other recipes. Simply I cannot stand the idea of throwing it away. So, here is a recipe of pancakes with sourdough (not mature enough yet). The sourdough play here a role in taste so it doesn't show the raising properties.
The pancakes are very thin, without big holes (I like this because I hate seeing the filling going out through them) and they are very delicious !

Hybrid semi whole wheat bread

Some days ago I was starting to raise my own sourdough starter and I'll see in a couple of days if this will be successful or not. Until then, from 2 feedings every day it remains a lot of sourdough starter to discard (even if it is not mature enough) and I have decided to use it. I have searched for a recipe and I adapted it to avoid throwing away the discarded sourdough.

Rustic bread

I can consider this bread as my first artisan bread. I have tried a different version before but this was probably the best (until now). And because good bread comes with a bit of effort, the recipe and directions are mentioned below.

Whole Spelt Bread

This is a diferent type of bread but very healthy.

Elderflower juice

I have to recognize that I waited so long for the blooming of the elderflower. As soon as I saw the first flower I picked some from the forest near by. There is no juice to replace this one! I remember from my childhood when I was picking bags full of elderflower and my mother dried them on the table in the living room to keep them over the year. And the entire house was smelling of the elderflower parfum...

Homemade pizza

I love doing and eating pizza. But not every pizza, one with a good taste. Here it is the most common pizza I do at home.

Corn and spelt bread

This is a bread that is more compact than expected. When you change the wheat flour with other types the results are not the same. Anyway, it is very healthy.

Cheese tart

This is a version of the yogurt tart. This one is more consistent but I don't prefere more one or another. Both are simple and delicious.

Lemon and poppy seeds muffins

These muffins are fluffy and soft and with a very nice texture. Also the taste is so pleasant and different from normal muffins.


During my university I was running between classes and having breakfast and lunches was luxury. So, I was stopping to the corner shop and I was buying 2 merdenele (there is no translation for these, you can call them cheese rolls but they are more squares then rolls :) ). The ones that I was buying were oily and with just some traces of cheese but they were very tasty. Years has passed since then and in the meantime I changed my location. Here in Belgium there is no such thing like merdenele. They have other specialties,  like croissants, but they don't compare with the Romanian salty cheese merdenele.
Few days ago, a colleague of mine remind me of these and I had a mouthwatering experience. More, he was telling me that he made them at home. I replied, no chance, they couldn't be like the ones I know... he then challenged me to try them. It didn't take me long to actually do them. And yes, indeed they are not like the ones I was buying. They are 10 times better! Fluffy, melting into your mouth, not full of oil and with plenty of cheese inside.

Puff pastry

I have tried this recipe for the first time to make croissants and for some time I was doing only this. Because it requires a bit of time and effort, it remained for me a weekend recipe. But now, I took back the recipe and use it for my delicious merdenele.