Millet and banana biscuits

An option of biscuits without gluten, without sugar but sweet only from bananas.

Pumpkin pie

This is a pie that I was eating with so much pleasure when I was a child and it was my favorite in the pumpkin season.

Chicken skewers and couscous with dried fruits

What about some couscous for today?

Chicken with sage and lemon

I love to cook Costel. This is how we call our chicken hidden in the oven and then we devour until the last bone.

Chicken wok with peanuts

Athough I prefer the european food, I enjoy also diversity. So, let's go for a wok ... of chicken and with peanuts.

Ginger and raisins cupcakes

Ginger is a spice with a special aroma. So, I have decided to use it this time in cupcakes.

Apple tart

The autumn is the season of apples and if there are some remaining after the I have eaten enough of them fresh, then there is nothing more suitable than an apple tart just taken out of the oven.