Kiwi-pineapple-strawberry raw vegan cake

This was my birthday cake for this year. I went for an easy one, with fresh fruits (except strawberries) and not so sweet. Although I would go for this type of cake anytime, I have to mention that the combination between coconut oil and pineapple had a strange taste in my opinion. Other people didn't find it strange but for sure, next time I won't use pineapple for this type of cake. Mango might be a better choice ;).

Alsatian apple tart

I missed doing some tarts lately and I chose to make an easy one, from fruits. Although I reduced drastically the sugar, I think I could have done it even more. I have the feeling that the sugar reduces the aroma and taste of the apples so when I'll do it next time I'll put even less sugar. Otherwise, mniam mniam ... it is that kind of tart that is so good to be true.
My daughter also wanted to add her contribution to this tart and decorated it with dried raisins.