Strawberry-banana frozen yogurt

When you freeze your smoothies you may find some ice crystals in your ice cream. This is because there is not a lot of fat in the composition. However, this can be fixed by adding a diary product, especially yogurt.

Celery soup

After a week spent in a delicious location like Sicily is difficult to come back and cook something that will beat the flavours of the previous holiday. There is however something that I haven't eat so much in this last escape of mine, and this was of course soup. I've done soups before of many colors but not white. And, as I had a big celery in my fridge the idea came straight forward.
I then put my hand on a very old book from 1985, full of traditional Romanian recipes. Of course I changed it a bit (like I always do) but the result was surprisingly tastier than the expected one. I was expecting a fade taste but it wasn't like that at all.

Dark whole durum sourdough bread

This is a bread with a new interesting combination of ingredients: organic whole wheat, durum and barley malt. This time I have used the liquid barley malt and not the powder one. The difference is in smell and taste. While the powder malt smells like coffee, the liquid one smells and taste like caramel. Imagine what this brings to your bread... a light sweet flavor and a dark color. As this bread contains a lot of whole wheat flour, I was not expecting that it would raise that much so I have added some gluten powder to give it a kick to make bubbles. It worked and in the end I have baked a nicely aerated bread that I am proud of.