Buckwheat bread

I had an opened bag of buckwheat flour that was standing in my way anytime I was looking for something in my cupboard. One day I have found a good place for it, back in another cupboard, somewhere in the back. But the next day I saw this recipe and I realized that the best place for that flour was to not in the cupboard but in a bread.

I needed some bread for the same day so, sourdough was not really the option. The original recipe was asking for dry yeast but I used fresh. Anyway, the recipe was meant to be made with a bread machine, so I had to adapt it to my own way. Even from the list of ingredients, I removed the sugar and the lemon juice.
However, there was an element that tricked me when doing this recipe and that was the weather. During the day, the outside temperature has raised a lot and caught me with an unprepared oven when the dough was ready to be baked. The result was that the bread was over proofed. Well, not that much to miss a beautiful bread, but enough for the bread to be flattened.

The crumb of this bread has a gray color and this is due to the buckwheat flour. Its percentage in the total flour is not that much but is enough to change the taste of the bread and to make it delicious.

  • 900ml water
  • 1125g white bread flour
  • 225g buckwheat flour
  • 10g fresh yeast
  • 20g salt
  • 20ml olive oil
  • 10g gluten

  1. 12:15pm Mix all ingredients with a standing mixer for 10 minutes. Let the dough in the mixer's bowl and cover it with a lid.
  2. 13:30 Do a set of stretch and fold to the dough. This means that you wet your hand, take the dough from one side, stretch it and fold it back in the bowl. Do this for 20 times and rotate the bowl between them.
  3. 14:30 Take the dough out of the bowl and put it on a floured board.  Divide the dough in 3 and shape it in 3 oblong loaves. Put each loaf in floured bannetons and cover them with a towel.
  4. 14:50 Let the dough raise for the second fermentation.
  5. 17:15 Bake the loaves in the preheated oven. If you bake in a conventional oven, start preheating your oven with a baking stone inside, 45 minutes before at 275ºC. Bake 15 minutes at 275ºC, then reduce the temperature to 220ºC and continue to bake for another 30 minutes. If you bake in a wood oven, let the oven and its floor arrive at 300ºC. Bake for 10 minutes then rotate them. Continue to bake for another 15 minutes before taking them out of the wood oven.

This recipe was inspired from Pain maison : Spécial machine à pain- Cathy Yta, page 18.


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Thank you very much, Sophie! Even if it was a yeast bread, it turned out to be delicious.

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