Roasted pepper salad

This is a recipe I know from my mother and I remember perfectly from my childhood its taste of vinegar combined with the sweetness of the peppers. But I think it passed years since I didn't do this recipe. It was the time ...

When I tasted them, I had a revelation. How could I have ignored this food for such a long time? Even my husband rewarded me with a long "mmmmmm" after the first bite.

  • 10 bell peppers
  • olive oil
  • vinegare
  • salt

  1. Take a cast iron grill with a flat face and heat it well. Cast iron plates, pans, metal sheet work fine as well. The trick is to get the surface very hot. It can be done over a barbeque, on the stove and even in the oven, but in the last case you won't achieve the same smokey taste that gives a special flavor.
  2. Roast all the peppers very well on the grill until you get their skin completely burned over all the faces, including the head and the bottom. Lay them in a bowl until cooled enough to keep them in your hands.
  3. Remove the burned skin from all the peppers. A little bowl with water will help to have your hand cleaned when doing this.
  4. Put the peppers in a bowl with high edges.
  5. Add salt, vinegar and olive oil as for a salad. The more vinegar you put the more sour the taste will be.
  6. Let the peppers over night or for a day to take the vinegar taste. You can also serve them right away but the sour taste will be less strongly.
This salad makes a perfect combination with steak of any kind.


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