Quiche Lorraine

Ups! I almost burned this one. But not quite too much.

I made this savory tart with one goal, for my daughter to take for lunch. I knew she loves the bacon so I thought that she won't refuse it.

I made it on Sunday and put it on the table for us as well to taste a slice. My daughter ate the slice until the last bite and asked for more. I couldn't be more happy. We ate a slice as well and the remaining was for her at school. It was her lunch for 3 days in a row and each time she came with the empty lunch box. The forth day, she asked for more of "that good tart with flower" but unfortunately was nothing left. I have the feeling that this will be a tart that I do over and over again :)

This traditional quiche lorraine is a very simple one to make. I had a big tart pan of 32cm so I had to double the original quantities.
I think it is not worth to tell if it was good or not... the love of my daughter for this tart speaks for itself ...

  • 500g shortcrust pastry
  • 300g bacon
  • 1 tablespoon of nutmeg
  • 6 eggs
  • 500g sour cream
  • pepper

  1.  Stretch the shortcrust pastry to fit the tart pan. My pan is very big (32cm diameter). Lay it on the bottom of the tart pan. Sting the pastry with a fork.
  2. Cook the bacon but not completely. You do not need extra oil, the bacon has plenty. Let them cool 10 minutes.
  3. Beat the eggs and mix them with sour cream, nutmeg and pepper.
  4. Add the bacon in the eggs and stir.
  5. Pour the eggs and bacon composition in the tart pan over the shortcrust pastry. Decorate if you like with the remaining pastry (if it happens to remain).
  6. Bake the quiche in the preheated oven at 200ÂșC for 45 minutes.

Recipe inspired from from Les meilleurs recettes Marmiton, page 31.


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