Homemade tooth paste

It is well known that sodium bicarbonate makes wonders for your teeth. The coconut oil comes as an antimicrobial enhancement and the eucalyptus essential oil keeps the infections away from your mouth.
I have tried before to use just sodium bicarbonate but it is getting a bit messy everywhere. I loved the results but not the mess. So, here it is, a more concentrated homemade paste with a lovely taste that is perfect to wash your teeth with. It is also 100% natural. Try it....

  • 6 teaspoons organic coconut oil
  • 6 teaspoons sodium bicarbonate
  • 25 drops eucalyptus essential oil
Mix the coconut oil in solid state with sodium bicarbonate, add the essential oil and mix well. You will arrive to a creamy paste that you can store in a small glass container.


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