Tartine buckwheat flaxseed bread

After all the tests with the basic country bread. it was the time to experiment some variations with other types of flours. Buckwheat was the choice for this one. It is not an easy flour at all. It gives also a heavy taste and a change of color to the bread. But is healthy and I like its taste. Let's see...


  • 50g bread flour
  • 50g whole wheat flour
  • 100g water (warm)
  • 17g liquid sourdough 100% hydration
Final formula:
  • 550g whole wheat flour
  • 250g buckwheat flour
  • 350g bread flour
  • 800ml water 
  • the above preferment
  • 15g salt
  • 16g gluten powder (optional)
  • 70g flax seeds 

  1. Day 1, 22:00, prepare the preferment by mixing all ingredients in a bowl and let it covered at room temperature (19ºC) for 8-12 hours.
  2. Day 2, 8:30AM, in the mixer's bowl add the water, gluten powder and the flours. Start the mixer for 10 minutes to insure that all ingredients are well mixed.
  3. Let the dough rest for 60" (autolyse phase).
  4. Day 2, 9:30 AM, add the preferment, salt and the flaxseeds and mix well for 15 minutes.
  5. Day 2, 9:45 AM, cover the bowl with a lid and do the bulk fermentation for the next 4-5 hours. During this time, do 4 stretch and folds (at 11:00; 11:30; 12:00; 12:30). 
  6. Day 2, 14:15, remove the dough from the bowl and put in on a board. Preshape as 2 boules and place them in 2 floured bannetons.
  7. Do the final fermentation until 19:15.
  8. Day 2, 18:30, 45" before the bake, preheat the fire wood oven and let it cool to arive at 290ºC.
  9. Day 2, 19:15, reverse the bannetons on pizza peel and score the breads with a sharp blade.
  10. Slide the breads into the hot oven and bake for 30 minutes. You may check if the breads are uniformly cooked after 15 minutes and if not, rotate them with 180º in the oven.


Steve Gore said...

I just baked a boule and a batard with your recipe. I substituted whole spelt flour for the whole wheat, and retarded the final loaves overnight in the fridge after several hours in the batard under the oven light. They came out wonderfully! Beautiful color, nice rise (especially considering the buckwheat flour!), great crumb, and wonderful flavor. Thank you for the recipe!

HungryShots said...

Feel free to sibstitute flours as long as you understand how each flour behaves. It always add your personal touch and increases your own experience. I am very happy that you chose my recipe and you had a successful result.

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