Laundry coconut soap

This is a very simple recipe that can be easily a normal hand soap or a laundry soap.

This recipe has no fancy oil and no essential oil. If your intention is to use it to wash your hands then the recipe can be enriched. However, for laundry, I needed just a simple recipe.
This soap gets hard very quickly, so needs to be cut in 2 hours after was poured in the mold. In one week is already cured and can be used.

Why laundry soap? Well, I had in mind for a while to make my own washing detergent and one of the basic ingredients for this detergent is a soap like this. So, first on the list was the laundry soap. As you can imagine, by now,  I have already made the washing detergent and use it, but this will come in another post.
I am not usually washing clothes by hand unless there are very delicate clothes. I did this when I was very young and the washing machine in our house was used mainly for bed sheets. Since then, the technology advanced and the difficult things like washing clothes was taken by machines. It is a wonderful invention that saves a lot of time and energy for anybody. But this doesn't mean that we have to use only the "recommended"detergents that are full of chemicals and could irritate your skin. The point is to use basic, natural ingredients and take advantage of the technology. Let's see ...

  • coconut oil, 80%, 800g
  • sunflower oil, 20%, 200g
  • NaOH, 172g
  • water, 380g


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