Wheatgrass and orange popsicles

The concentrated juice of wheatgrass is not probably the number one in my preferences in terms of taste. However, knowing its benefits brought to your body, I would not exclude it either. To avoid drinking it pure and experience a taste that I do not enjoy very much, I full my taste by putting it in various combinations with other fruits.
With my trials to extract the wheatgrass juice I have broken my juice extractor. As it is not one of those juices that I do every day, I do not feel like investing in a fancy and expensive specialized herbs juice extractor. Nevertheless, I have found a way to process the juice without damages and this is by using a blender. The wheatgrass has a very strong structure and using a normal juice extractor won't work as expected. Before blending it, you need to cut the wheatgrass with a kitchen knife 1cm long. This will help the blender knife to not get stuck. Then, and this is the dirty and ugly part, you need to filter out the juice from the remaining grass. I do this with a gauze in sieve and then squeeze well the solide part remained in the gauze. There will be green stains everywhere, on your hands, on your table, so be careful. But this is all and you have one of the healthiest juice on Earth.
When I harvest the wheat grass and make juice from it,  I usually store a part. I put it in ice cubes and freeze it for later usage in fresh smoothies or, like this time, I made popsicles.

  • 2 full hands of freshly cut wheatgrass
  • 1 hand of fresh mint
  • 3 bananas
  • the juice of 8+4 oranges

  1. Blend the wheatgrass, mint and the juice of 8 oranges. If you have a small blender like mine (1 liter) you'll need to do this in 2 steps.
  2. With the help of a sieve or a gauze, filter the blended juice. 
  3. Put back filtered juice in the blender and add bananas.
  4. Pour this juice in popsicle cases by filling them in only by half.
  5. Fill in the remaining volume of the popsicle cases with the juice of 4 oranges. Carefully pour this juice slowly to avoid mixing the 2 colors. You'll notice that a part of the green juice  is going on top as it has a more foamy structure.
  6. Freeze the popsicles for at least 4 hours.


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