Spelt and oat bread

Once I have received a pizza flour mix as a promotional package. It was forgotten for some months in my cupboard and I found it back when cleaning the cupboard. I did not use it for making pizza but to make bread and this was the result. This bread, near this pizza flour contains flakes of spelt and oat, chia seeds and other interesting ingredients. With such great ingredients, the resulting bread couldn't be different. An on the spot invention but an excellent rich bread.
Aaa... and one thing more... there is no salt in this bread ... so there is no mistake. You can put if you like ... I preferred to taste the bread without.

  • 705ml water (32ºC)
  • 200g pizza flour mix (durum flour, salt,  flour, dry yeast)
  • 155g spelt flakes 
  • 237g spelt flour
  • 100g oat flakes
  • 300g bread flour
  • 30g chia seeds
  • 1 teaspoon gluten powder
  • 200g sourdough (100% hydration)

  1. 9:50AM  Mix all ingredients together for 15 minutes. 
  2. 10:05AM Cover the bowl with a lid and let it stand at 22ºC for 3 hours. This is the bulk fermentation phase.
  3. 13:00 Divide the dough in 3 and shape 3 oblong loaves.
  4. 13:15 Put the dough in bannetons and cover with a linen towel. Let it stand at 22ºC for the final fermentation around 1h30".
  5. 15:45 Turn on the oven at 260ºC with the baking stone inside and volcanic stones in a pan under to help creating steam.
  6. 16:30 Score the loaves with a blade and put them in the oven on the hot stone. Bake them for 15 minutes keeping the same temperature. After these 15 minutes, reduce the temperature to 220ºC and continue to bake for another 30 minutes.


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