Homemade chips

Yes, I know! Chips are not the most healthy food that you can put for dinner. But do you really believe that the ones that you buy in a bag or a box from supermarket are more healthy than the ones homemade? I do not believe so. And if I want mouthwatering chips than I prefer to make my owns.

Chips are extremely simple to do at home, you only need the right tools.

So here is the recipe ...


  • 1kg potatoes (preferably big ones)
  • 1l sunflower oil

  • a mandoline. No, not the one to sing with (even though if a member of your family wants to play for you while you are making chips is not bad at all) but one to cut vegetables with. And if you would tell me that you don't have one, I'd tell you to do not give up. A sharpen knife will do the thing, just that it takes longer. You need to fine slice potatoes meaning 1mm thick, that's why a mandoline would make a difference in speeding up the process.
  • a cast iron pan. You do not have a cast iron pan? The pan that you use to fry potatoes is fine as well. The cast iron has the big advantage that heats and keep the oil on high temperatures and you need that for having crisp chips.
  • a sieve / a strainer palette. Yes, the one that you use to remove the foam of soups is perfect
  • a bowl to put the chips when taking out from the oil bath
  • some kitchen paper napkins to put on the bottom of the bowl on which you lay the chips. Why these ? Because when you take the chips out from the oil bath they retain some oil and on the bottom there will be some oil gathered. I believe that you do not like to eat chips full of oil so I recommend to use these napkins to extract the excess of oil. If you prefer even less oil, than layer the chips and napkins alternatively.

  1. Peel potatoes and slice them finely (1mm thick) with the help of a mandoline or a knife.
  2. Put the oil in the cast iron pan, turn on the heat and let it heat well. You need that the oil heat up to 10ºC to fry well the chips. You do not need to measure the temperature with a thermometer. A simple test is to throw one potato slice and if the oil is bubbling then is good.
  3. Put the chips in the heated oil one by one to avoid sticking together. When you drop your potatoes in the pan, the temperature of the oil drops down quickly, and as I said before, you need to keep the oil at a high temperature. Then, keep the heating at maximum. It is possible that you need more round to fry all the chips, so do not put too many chips in the pan. Potatoes needs to be covered by oil so they should not be pilled up on top of the oil. And by the way, put the potatoes in the oil with care because if the oil jumps on your skin you'll be severely burned.
  4. Take out the chips from the pan with the help of strainer and lay them in a bowl on the bottom of which you have put some paper napkins. I'll know that your chips are ready when you feel them light and crisp when taken out in the strainer. The color becomes yellow-brown also. Do not over fry them as they'll become brown and the taste will be bitter.
  5. Repeat the steps 3- if you have more slices to fry.

That was all! Season them with a bit of salt and you'll find them delicious. Now, are you ready to crunch them?


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