Almond chocolate waffles

Mommy, I want chocolate waffles! This is what I heard constantly in the last days. Well, when your daughter is asking you to do some sweets, you need do them no matter how busy you are. And, when she is contributing too, it is not only about making a recipe but also about sharing and spending a beautiful time together.
This is how I ended up Sunday afternoon with a bake of chocolate waffles made in collaboration with my daughter. Adding ingredients one by one and mixing is like adding them in a big witch pot from children stories. Everything is magic with kids... how the composition come together and how, in the end, they take a waffle shape. Cooking is magic... but also the pleasure of eating should not be ignored.

Poppy seeds spelt bread

I have made different tests with this recipe: I tried the straight method (raised during the day) or with retard in the fridge, I tried a less wet dough, I tried to bake it directly on the stone, but finally I chose to make a more wet dough and to bake it in pans.
The pans helped to sustain the runny dough and to give an uniform shape. The taste of all the different option was of course the same but the structure was different. As for the fermentation, I preferred the dough to raise over night outside the house. Although it is summer, the nights are cold enough to not over proof my dough. I mixed it late at night and in the morning I gave it a shape. The bread was warm and ready to eat for the lunch. The smell of bread was everywhere and the mood of feeling home was definitely increased.

Natural stick deodorant

This was my first deodorant made by myself. I can call it a successful experience that will be for sure repeated.
Long time ago when deo sticks didn't exist and soap and water was the only solution, I have learned about sodium bicarbonate as an option. Using just sodium bicarbonate helped keeping me fresh on hot days but wearing it was a mess for the clothes and not at all comfortable due to its grainy structure. When creamy deo sticks made their way to the marked, sodium bicarbonate was way obsolete. But later, when deo sticks revealed all their side effects due to all chemicals used, a question mark was raised.
As always... when you have to do a step backward to keep your health in good shape, you go back to basics. Sodium bicarbonate has proved its qualities but, to overpass its down sides, a combination with other natural ingredients could have been the solution. I then decided to go this way. Creamy from the butters, solid from the bee wax, scented from the essential oils. That's my combination for a perfect deo stick.
I used it now for some months already and I am very happy with the results.
There is however something that I would change next time and that is related to consistency. I would put half of the bee wax quantity as I find the texture a bit too solid. Other than this, I wouldn't change anything to this recipe.
If you want to be purist, you can even keep the alum powder out. I had some and I wanted to use it, otherwise it won't make any big difference.

Rye Sourdough Bread (with retard)

It is difficult sometimes to have some extra minutes to photograph and write a post about the food I make. Caught between the incredible busy routine and spending some quality time with my kids, there is so little time to dedicate to my passions.
Despite of all this, one Sunday, I baked my bread that turned out so spectacular that almost forced me to photograph it.
I took the bread out of the oven and brought it in the kitchen to cool it a bit before the photo session. I didn't even finished to organize my props and when returning into the kitchen I found my beautiful bread broken in pieces by my daughter who couldn't resist the smell that was spread around the house. Should I have been upset? My best beautiful piece of bread was gone, so no option to photograph it... but the reason was more noble than a photo on a post: my daughter has devoured the bread and there is no "like" in this world more important for me.
I took then the other 2 pieces of bread and made a quick photo before they would disappear too :)
After the photo, 2 weeks has passed to find some time to post the photo, the recipe and some words about it ...

As for the bread, in the recent time I only do retarder bread. The advantage is that the bread is raising for the first fermentation during the night, and depending on the temperature over the night, I can bake the bread between the morning to the afternoon instead of baking it in the evening if the bread is started in the same day in the morning.

This bread is made with a lot of rye. Yes, it has a very sticky dough but the taste is outstanding and as seen, it raised quite nicely.

Chamomile natural shampoo

When I made my first shampoo bar I didn't know what to expect. Would my hair like it? Would it be as good as the classical bought shampoo? These are normal questions when you make a radical change from store bought shampoos to homemade ones. I have now months since I completely change to use only my homemade shampoo. Although the feeling is totally different, I am very satisfied with the results and I do not have any reason to go back.
More, in my last holiday I packed one bar of shampoo. It replaced a soap, a face soap, a shower gel and a bottle of shampoo that I used to take with me. All of these into one single bar. No leaking and less space in my luggage.
Some of the bars from my previous batch I gave them to 2 of my friends. One of them seemed to like it a lot, so I have decided then that I should do my next round sooner then expected. Here it is. Same healthy and nourishing properties but different aroma and colors.

The chamomile tea brings extra benefits like reducing dandruff, helping with hair growth, preventing split ends and making your hair to shine.
Beside the chamomile tea, the rest of ingredients come also with their incredible benefits: tea tree essential oil to fight against dandruff, lavender essential oil for hair growth, cedar wood essential oil to avoid hair loss; the jojoba oil to control your hair, prevent hair loss and dandruff, the sweet almond oil and vitamin E for long shiny hair and control hair loss, the cocoa butter to repair damaged hair and I won't add all the benefits of the remaining oils as I assume they are very popular.
This mix of ingredients is a miracle for your hair. Just give it a try it ...