Apple roses

Making these apple roses was challenging but doing them was a lot of fun. I couldn't estimate exactly in the beginning how many would result from 500g of puff pastry, so I ended up doing a lot, more exactly about 40 pieces.
The not funny part was doing the puff pastry. It took a day to make the pastry so the roses were scheduled for the next day.
I've learnt a lot with this recipe. One of the thing was that, doing everything by yourself is very time consuming. Next time I would probably buy the puff pastry and do only half of the recipe.
Doing the roses was challenging and amazing in the same time. Finding the best position to place the apple slices on the dough strips followed a learning curve. In the end, I was happy with the result and the most difficult was to eat them without feeling sad to destroy a beautiful flower design.
However, it was an experience that I recommend to all as it brings a lot of satisfaction in the end, both visually and tasty.

Sweet potatoes rustic tart

I baked sweet potato pies before and I was always impressed. It is consistent, it is sweet, fine and delicious. This one makes no exception.
Although it is sweet, this cake has 0g of sugar / sweetener in it. It makes me wonder if I should call it a desert or a side dish. If you want it more sweet, you can serve it with caramel sauce, but for me is sweet enough and has a very slight sour flavor due to the apple and the lemon juice addition.
Nevertheless, some whipped cream on top or on a side in the serving plate makes a perfect combination.

Apple-rose tart

It is normal to revisit old recipes that remains in your memory both as an image and as taste. This is the story with this recipe.
There are few differences with my old recipe of Fine apple tart but the look is totally different.

Mixed baked potatoes

Cooking in cast iron skillet is one of favorite way of cooking.We tend to forget our old way of cooking in natural materials for new ones that promise the Moon on the sky. Yes, it has also disadvantages: it is a heavy pan, sometimes sticks and it needs seasoning after each use. However, it is healthy, it is tested over centuries, it gives taste to food and is so versatile in terms of the heating used. I got rid of all my teflon pans and I kept only one that serves me for frying, cooking and for baking.
I love potatoes baked in the oven and combining two types of potatoes in one skillet makes the taste more interesting. Potatoes in this recipe are not melted in oil. I used a thin layer of oil only for the bottom of the pan to avoid sticking and I brushed spiced butter to add more taste and avoid drying them on the top. In the end, they are not heavily greased and is a pleasure to eat them as a side dish.

Chocolate biscuits

When your child asks you for chocolate biscuits, you leave your chores aside and you start doing them.
While from my big daughter I was expecting her to get involved in the preparation process, well.... I was not expecting that my son of 2,5 years old to be that excited too. After this experience, I feel like opening a new era of cooking with my kids, and more biscuits recipes will most probably come :)).
For this simple recipe I spend almost a haft of a day with my kids. It is not a complicated one, but it takes time. As this is a lovely time spent together with my kids I do not bother if it takes longer. Making the chocolate shapes was probably the most time consuming as I had a silicone candy sheet with only 8 shapes. That ment to fill in the shape, put it in the fridge for 15 minutes, take out the chocolate shapes and redo the proces for 4 times. Of course it can be kept simply by simply spooning the chocolate on the top of the biscuits and this will reduce the time considerably.
For the other part with making the dough and cutting the biscuits.... well here it was the fun for the kids. Even my son, couldn't resist to cut by himself with all the biscuit cutter shapes.
As for me, I was expecting to offer these biscuits as a snack to my children when they go to school. My hopes were in fact too high as one of the tray was gone after just tasting :)