Charcoal soap

I made charcoal soap before but this time I wanted to go more to the extreme and focus mainly on the properties of this ingredient.
I had in mind a soap dedicated for cleaning the face and activated charcoal is well known for this. In addition, instead of using pure water as liquid, I used chamomile tea combined with aloe vera. Chamomile tea is recognized as being anti-inflammatory and anti-septic and helps fading spots. The same, aloe vera gel has heealing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation.
What else would you like for a face soap ?
The lavender essential oil brings a relaxing mood and also contributes to killing bacteria.

Here it is...

Baked doughnuts (version 2)

I want doughnuts! This is what I heard quite often lately from my daughter, so here I am.
I have a sandwich maker that knows to make also nice doughnuts and this is the way I did these ones. A healthier way compared to frying them in hot oil. But if you do not have such a device, frying them is an alternative.
My daughter wanted absolutely to decorate them and instead of making a glaze and she was so happy to play with sugar paste. The decoration is exclusively made by her and I can only be proud of her skills.
If you do not decorate them, you might increase the quantity of sugar up to 250g, but as I knew that the decoration was sugar paste I preferred to make the dough less sweet.

Rye sourdough bread (version 2)

I like very much the sourdough breads that contains some rye flour inside and I tried so many variants that I cannot count anymore.
This version is a sister of the Rye Sourdough Bread. Differences for the quantities are minor and the timing is a bit shorter for this one. Both have incredible taste but I let you decide which one is the favorite.

Almond chocolate waffles

Mommy, I want chocolate waffles! This is what I heard constantly in the last days. Well, when your daughter is asking you to do some sweets, you need do them no matter how busy you are. And, when she is contributing too, it is not only about making a recipe but also about sharing and spending a beautiful time together.
This is how I ended up Sunday afternoon with a bake of chocolate waffles made in collaboration with my daughter. Adding ingredients one by one and mixing is like adding them in a big witch pot from children stories. Everything is magic with kids... how the composition come together and how, in the end, they take a waffle shape. Cooking is magic... but also the pleasure of eating should not be ignored.

Poppy seeds spelt bread

I have made different tests with this recipe: I tried the straight method (raised during the day) or with retard in the fridge, I tried a less wet dough, I tried to bake it directly on the stone, but finally I chose to make a more wet dough and to bake it in pans.
The pans helped to sustain the runny dough and to give an uniform shape. The taste of all the different option was of course the same but the structure was different. As for the fermentation, I preferred the dough to raise over night outside the house. Although it is summer, the nights are cold enough to not over proof my dough. I mixed it late at night and in the morning I gave it a shape. The bread was warm and ready to eat for the lunch. The smell of bread was everywhere and the mood of feeling home was definitely increased.