Black sesame sourdough bread

I have developed lately a passion for black sesame. I add it in salads, in yogurt, in honey and why not in bread?
I love its pronounced taste so let's give it a try in a sandwich white bread.

Spelt durum sourdough bread

When time for making bread is limited, I usually go for the easiest version. This for me means to put the dough straight into baking pans. This option has 2 advantages: first it is related to handling the dough less, as it is already set in pans and second is that you get the exact right size for a sandwich.
I need to admit that although it is easy, this is not my preferred method to bake bread. I would vote for raising the bread in banetons and  leave the shape of the bread to develop in a natural way. Nevertheless, using pans is easier and it is the best compromise I have when time is an issue.

I like to mix flours. This increase the taste and aroma of the breads. Extra seeds added to the dough create an interesting texture. Mix them all and every bread you make following basic instructions will turn out to be exceptional.

I make bread every week but I change the recipe most of the time. I like to experiment. I like to try new tastes. I like to see the cause-effect for each added ingredient. I learn from every bread I make. And what is amazing, although sometimes I do the exact recipe, the results are never the same. Why is this? Simply because some environmental factors are influencing the process (like temperature, time, heating in the fire wood oven, type of wood, humidity and so on). In a controlled environment like bakeries, I can understand that breads are similar, but in my house, I rarely have control of all these factors. In the end, this is the reason why I never get bored of baking bread. Every time is different. Every time I get curious how the bread will look like. Sometimes it is better, sometimes it is not. Although it is only an eye appreciation, what I know for sure is that every single bread I bake will be eaten until the last crumb. So it is a trial with no chance of failure.

Let's see now the recipe of this bread...

Charcoal soap

I made charcoal soap before but this time I wanted to go more to the extreme and focus mainly on the properties of this ingredient.
I had in mind a soap dedicated for cleaning the face and activated charcoal is well known for this. In addition, instead of using pure water as liquid, I used chamomile tea combined with aloe vera. Chamomile tea is recognized as being anti-inflammatory and anti-septic and helps fading spots. The same, aloe vera gel has heealing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation.
What else would you like for a face soap ?
The lavender essential oil brings a relaxing mood and also contributes to killing bacteria.

Here it is...

Baked doughnuts (version 2)

I want doughnuts! This is what I heard quite often lately from my daughter, so here I am.
I have a sandwich maker that knows to make also nice doughnuts and this is the way I did these ones. A healthier way compared to frying them in hot oil. But if you do not have such a device, frying them is an alternative.
My daughter wanted absolutely to decorate them and instead of making a glaze and she was so happy to play with sugar paste. The decoration is exclusively made by her and I can only be proud of her skills.
If you do not decorate them, you might increase the quantity of sugar up to 250g, but as I knew that the decoration was sugar paste I preferred to make the dough less sweet.

Rye sourdough bread (version 2)

I like very much the sourdough breads that contains some rye flour inside and I tried so many variants that I cannot count anymore.
This version is a sister of the Rye Sourdough Bread. Differences for the quantities are minor and the timing is a bit shorter for this one. Both have incredible taste but I let you decide which one is the favorite.