Nettle Aloe Vera Shampoo bar (version 2)

This is the second version of the Nettle Aloe Vera Shampoo bar and the last one in the series of recent soaps/shampoos.

Compared to the first version, this one is made in 3 layers (for decoration purposes) with rosemary, cedar and lavender essential oil. Made only with fantastic oils and butter for your hair, enriched with vitamin E.


  • 250g olive oil (25%)
  • 350g coconut oil (35%)
  • 200g castor oil (30%)
  • 85g sweet almond oil (8.5%)
  • 50g murumuru butter (5%)
  • 65g shea butter (6.5%)
  • 230g water (preferably in ice cubes)
  • 150g aloe vera gel
  • 149g NaOH
  • 16 teaspoons of nettle powder
  • 10g rosemary essential oil
  • 10g cedar essential oil
  • 10g lavender essential oil
  • 10g vitamin E
  • 1 teaspoon bentonite clay

Warning: this is not a beginner recipe, if you are not aware of how to work with NaOH (protection gloves, protection glasses etc) I suggest you follow a quick training.
  1. Mix the water (ice cubes) with aloe vera gel in a bowl then sprinkle NaOH. This solution will get warm/hot after mixing, so you'll need to wait until it arrives to room temperature. 
  2. In the meantime, mix all the oils (first set in the recipe) in a large pot and put them on low heat until all butter and solid oils are melted. Then, give a good stir and let them cool to room temperature.
  3. When both NaOH solution and oil mixture are cooled to room temperature, turn on your hand mixer in the oil pot and pour the NaOH solution slowly while continuing to mix. 
  4. Add the essential oils, vitamin E and clay and mix. This mixture will slowly thicken and when it gets like a gel consistency, stop the mixer.
  5. Divide the composition into 3 plastic containers:
    1. the first one will be as it is
    2. in the second one, add 4 teaspoons of nettle powder and mix
    3. in the third one, add 12 teaspoons of nettle powder and mix
  6. You'll need to be quick as this mixture will thicken fast. Pour the 3 compositions in the reverse order into a soap silicone pan. You can use a wire to make nice swirls inside the soap if you wish.
  7. Let the soap harden for 2 days and unmold it.
  8. Slice it into smaller portions and let it cure for one month.

Inspired by Simple Life Mom.


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