Sourdough focaccia

I made a lot of types of bread but foccaccia is one of them I haven't try so far. 
With the purpose to have fun with the kids, I gathered my son and daughter in the kitchen and start playing with ingredients. Of course, the dough was already prepared, so I gave them 2 trays and 2 dough. It was fun for them to deep the fingers into the dough that was really wet. Then, the artistic arrangement came naturally. No inspiration from somewhere else. I just explained them that we need to make a painting out of the ingredients and the imagination opened its wings.
First one, on the top, was done by my 3 years old son, with just a little help from my side. Second one was fully the work of art of my 7 years old daughter. The entire activity was so much fun and we spent such a great time together. In the meantime, my husband prepared the wood fire in the oven and, in the end, we baked the 2 focaccia inside. It was tricky to know how much time was needed for the baking but finally they turned out to be just perfectly cooked.
An experience that for sure I'll have to repeat.

  • 300g sourdough starter (100% hydration)
  • 575g water
  • 787g bread flour (10% proteins)
  • 16g salt
Toppings: (at your choice, finely sliced):
  • few cherry tomatoes
  • yellow pepper
  • corn 
  • red onion
  • olives
  • carrot leaves
  • lovage leaves
  • hazelnuts
  • pine seeds
  • olive oil

  1. The day before (lets say at 4pm), mix the water with flour and leave it to hydrate for 2 hours.
  2. Then add the sourdough starter and mix with a standing mixer for 10 minutes, first speed. Let it relax for 30 minutes.
  3. Add the salt and mix again for 5 minutes. Leave it to rest for 1 hour, with the bowl covered.
  4. Stretch and fold the dough once and leave it to raise at room temperature for 3 hours. If your room temperature is lower than 22ºC you might need to keep the dough for more than 3 hours. On the contrary, if the temperature is higher than 22ºC,  you'll shorten the time.
  5. More or less, around 10:30pm, put the dough covered in the fridge and leave it overnight.
  6. The next day, take the dough out of the fridge and cut the dough in 2 pieces. 
  7. Spread the dough on 2 flat trays over baking sheets. Press with the fingers to create little holes.
  8. Brush the dough with olive oil.
  9. Cut the vegetables for the topping and be creative in arranging them. Some of the leaves you may want to brush them with oil so they do not dry completely during baking.
  10. I baked the first tray at 350ºC for 10 minutes and the second at 250ºC for 15 minutes in the wood fired oven.


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