Natural and healthy shampoo solid bar

First time when I heard about a homemade natural shampoo solid bar I was a bit sceptical although the idea of using something natural was tempting me a lot. I remembered my grandparents who were using only soap for washing their hair. During those times, there was no fancy shampoo so they were using the only soap that they could make themselves.
Nowadays, if you want to change your shampoo you'll probably spend a quarter of an hour in front of a supermarket shelf reading the titles on the labels from all the bottles. And that without turning the bottles to read the tricky list of ingredients. You'll find shampoo for greasy hair, dry hair, normal hair, dyed hair, curly hair, rebel hair, anti dandruff, shiny hair, for women, for men, for volume, for fine hair, for growing hair and so on. Which one should you buy? And what if you want a shampoo for women, for greasy hair, anti dandruff, for fine dyed hair in the same time? Should you buy more bottles and mix them or should you pick which characteristic is more important? And which one is more healthy for your hair? Difficult decision and you probably do what I used to do ... just pick one and try.
Over the years I tried so many brands, from the cheapest ones to the most expensive ones and lately I remained to one that my husband also has found acceptable as was not making dandruff. Most of the brands I tried, after few washes (if not from the start) they were leaving the scalp dried and soon it was creating dandruff. The problem with shampoo is that you have to change it from time to time otherwise becomes ineffective.
But when I started making my own soap I arrived immediately studying about shampoo solid bar recipes. There is no difference between making a soap and a solid shampoo if you are looking at the process. The only difference is the ingredients that are giving specific properties. Specific essential oils like tea tree, peppermint or rosemary increase a lot the health of your hair. Vitamin E as well, and the mixture of these amazing oils comes to complete a healthy recipe for both your hair and scalp.

The biggest advantage of a natural shampoo is that it does not clean your good oils of your scalp as most of commercial shampoos are doing. You need those oils to grow and maintain a healthy hair and avoid your scalp to dry. There will be then no dandruff to appear. That creates a perfect environment to grow a healthy hair.
When using a shampoo solid bar you absolutely need a conditioner because of the difference between the PH of your skin and the one given by the shampoo. You can buy a conditioner from the supermarket or you can easily make one from 1 cup of water mixed with 3 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. This conditioner will unclutter you hair and give a soft and easy touch. It is also very healthy for your hair.

People are getting a variety of opinions about solid shampoo. There are ones who love them but there are ones who simply don't go along. Before using it I was wondering if for me it will work or not. I tried before to use soap instead of shampoo and I ended up having a greasy hair right after washing or having a heavy hair. The secret is of course in which ingredients are used. But I created my own recipe that I must confess that I love. I was simply impressed with its result. My hair is not greasy after washing, it brings volume, it is making my hair to shine and it is not making my hair heavy and cluttered. Another good thing is, you do not have to change it from time to time as with the harsh washing commercial shampoos.

There is another thing that you should know about changing to a natural shampoo solid bar. Do not have an opinion just after one wash. Give it a chance for 3 weeks to 1 month so that the remains of your previous shampoo are gone. If you do not like it, stop and look for another natural recipe, maybe more adapted to your hair type. For me, this one is making miracles and I have no intention to change it.

  • Almond oil, 5% (50g)
  • Jojoba oil, 5% (50g)
  • Coconut oil, 30% (300g)
  • Olive oil, 20% (200g)
  • Avocado oil, 10% (100g)
  • Castor oil, 15% (150g)
  • Shea butter, 10% (100g)
  • Cocoa butter, 5% (50g)
  • rosemary essential oil, 3g
  • tea tree essential oil, 3g
  • peppermint essential oil, 1g
  • vitamin E, 10g
  • water, 380g
  • NaOH, 140g
  • Kaolin clay, 1 teaspoon
  • Green matte cosmetic pigment


Gabi said...

Hey, nice and rich recipe for a shampoo bar! And the bars are looking great, with smooth edges and flower stamps. Maybe we can swap some soap bars next time we will meet. Looking forward to see you! Kisses and bubbles! :)

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