Lavender soap

I had in mind for a while to make a lavender soap. As I have some extra essential oil that I brought from Province, I was thinking to preserve it better in a soap rather than in a bottle.
Everything went smooth with no major failure except the coloring. I had a violet powder color and I wanted to make the soap with nice shades of violet. I read the label and it was clearly indicated to be used in other types of cosmetics but not in soap. But I had no other similar colors so I gave it a try anyway. In the end, maybe not surprisingly after reading the label, the color turned into brown. Although it was not the color I wished for, the soap got nice shades of brown and I am happy the way it is. It is not made to be sold anyway, so being just for my own use or for a gift to my closest friends, the color is more related to the artistic part.
Otherwise, there is smell of lavender all over the house after doing this soap.... ohhhh how relaxing ... 

  • 400g lard
  • 300g coconut oil
  • 100g canola oil
  • 100g palm oil
  • 100g castor oil
  • 380g water
  • 147g NaOH
  • 10ml lavender essential oil
  • titanuium dioxide
  • violet coloring (that turned out brown after saponification)


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