Homemade dishwasher tablets

This version of dishwasher tablets is not 100% natural but for sure it reduces the amount of items you need to buy for cleaning. It reduces also the amount of packaging  (as generally each tablet is packed separately) made usually from plastic that you throw away.
Although I know another recipe that is totally natural, I am going for this one for the moment as I still have in my pantry some liquid dishwasher. But once is gone... I remove also the liquid dishwasher from my shopping list. Until then, let's cut just the bought dishwasher tablets from the list.

In a dishwashing machine you usually need 3 items: a dishwasher tablet/detergent, some rinsing liquid and a dishwasher salt. All these 3, you can find as separate products in a supermarket but what if I tell you that you need none of them to buy? For the dishwasher tablets, you find the recipe below. For the rinsing liquid, for sure you have already a miracle product in your kitchen called vinegar. The vinegar also replaces the dishwasher salt that was there just for the purpose of softening the water and to reduce the spots left by the hard water on your dishes. More, the citric acid found in this dishwasher tablets recipe is even more powerful in softening the water than vinegar. So now, tell me, for what reason should I buy 3 extra products full of chemicals?
I assure you that at the end of the washing cycle the dishes are sparkling and you can find no difference between this handmade dishwasher tablet and one bought from the supermarket. If you do not believe me, just try.
Make also a simple calculation, and you'll find out that this homemade dishwasher tablet helps you to keep your money in your wallet as it cost at least 3-4  times less than the one you can buy in the supermarket.

  • 310g sodium bicarbonate
  • 60g citric acid 
  • 15g dishwasher liquid

  1. Combine all these 3 ingredients by hand until you obtain a wet sandy composition. It will foam a bit for the next 5 minutes, it is totally normal due to the reaction with citric acid.
  2. Put 2 teaspoons of it (16g) for a tablet in a silicon tray with small cavities (can be ice cube tray of chocolate tray). 
  3. Press them well and let them dry for 2 hours. They keep their shape and they are ready to be used. 
  4. Keep them in a closed container and that is all !

This recipe was inspired from here.


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