Caramel yogurt

I made them with jam, I made them with fruits, with nuts, with chocolate and the possibilities are endless. This time is with caramel. You can use instead any concentrated fruit juice. But this caramel flavor reminds me of the famous cake caramel, although we are talking here only about a yogurt.

  • 750ml raw milk
  • 125ml natural yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons cane sugar
  • 1 tablespoons of caramel for each pot of yogurt (I ended up with 6 pots)

  1. Boil the raw milk and remove from the heating source.
  2. Let it cool until reaches 40ºC (or until you can keep your finger inside for 5 seconds).
  3. Add the yogurt and the sugar and mix.
  4. Pour the composition into ceramic or glass pots.
  5. Cover the pots with foil and tie them with rubber band.
  6. Put the pots in the oven in a tray or on a baking stone at 50ºC for 1h30. After, turn off the oven, without opening its door and let them stay inside over night. If you have a yogurt maker use it according to the instructions. I don't have one, and I really like to use my oven instead.
  7. In the morning, put the pots in the fridge and serve them after minimum 4 hours of refrigeration.

Recipe inspired from Alix Lefief-Delcourt - "Yaourts Inratables", page 54.


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