Homemade fabric softener

When I was pregnant with my second child, one of the smells I couldn't stand was the one of the freshly washed clothes with a well known fabric softener. In fact I couldn't stand any artificial strong smell. That made me thought of changing some habits. To solve the problem back then, I simply gave up using a fabric softener. After that period has passed I restarted to use it but not for long.
I have in mind a totally natural fabric softener and I'll do it one day. Till then I tried another simple recipe. The thing that convinced me started with a laundry accident. Without noticing I washed a brown wool pull of my husband at 60ÂșC. Imagine that later he wanted to wear it and ... surprise... the sleeves were to short, the pool was also too short and too narrow. Thinking that I managed to ruin it completely I started to wear it myself. In the meantime I found out about a trick to stretch back a wool pull with hair conditioner. It was hardly to believe it but I didn't have anything to loose so I tried it. I put the pull in cold water with hair conditioner and let it there for 30 minutes. Then I rinsed it gently and stretched it slowly on a flat surface. Unbelievably it came back to its shape after 3 days slowlydrying at room  temperature. If you think a bit, it makes sense, as wool comes from an animal and normal laundry detergents are not made for washing hair.
What this story had to do with the homemade fabric softener? Well, that made me thought that ahair conditioner might work as a laundry softener so I tried it.

Tartine buckwheat flaxseed bread

After all the tests with the basic country bread. it was the time to experiment some variations with other types of flours. Buckwheat was the choice for this one. It is not an easy flour at all. It gives also a heavy taste and a change of color to the bread. But is healthy and I like its taste. Let's see...

Clove bath bombs

Let's continue the adventure with bath bombs. This recipe is more compact as it contains more liquid compared to my previous recipes.
With a lovely spicy aroma of cloves, do you think you can resist using them with your next bath?

Homemade tooth paste

It is well known that sodium bicarbonate makes wonders for your teeth. The coconut oil comes as an antimicrobial enhancement and the eucalyptus essential oil keeps the infections away from your mouth.
I have tried before to use just sodium bicarbonate but it is getting a bit messy everywhere. I loved the results but not the mess. So, here it is, a more concentrated homemade paste with a lovely taste that is perfect to wash your teeth with. It is also 100% natural. Try it....

Homemade laundry detergent

I had in mind for a long time to make my own laundry detergent so here it is, 100% natural.
It took me a while to arrive here but I finally did it.
First, I had to do the laundry coconut soap and let it end its saponification process. Then I had to struggle to find the washing soda and the sodium percarbonate, and believe me it was not an easy task in Belgium. Although they are such basic ingredients I could find them only in some organic shops stored somewhere in the back. Even the lady selling them had no clue what to do with them.
With these 3 ingredients gathered, I managed to make my homemade 100% natural laundry detergent.
I had this recipe already from my friend so all I needed was to test it.
I washed the clothes (those of my kids included that are usually full of stains) in the washing machine and when I looked at them, I did not notice any difference compared to my older expensive bought detergent. So, why should I continue to buy detergent from the supermarket that has a lot of harmful ingredients to us and to the environment when I can simply make my own, 100% natural?
Later, I've test it on all kind of clothes... white, colored, dark and even for delicate ones. Impeccable !
The only difference I found was the smell. Instead of the strong smell of the bought detergent I've got a fresh natural smell of cleaned clothes.

If you do not dare letting your old detergent or if you still have some bought, do like me, combine it with this homemade detergent until you finish it and after that use only your homemade one. Take a big jar or a bucket and go to a proportion of 1 to 4, mix the 2 well and use the same dosage.

Why these 3 ingredients?
The soap is an obvious ingredient, because it cleans.
The washing soda reduce the hardness of the water and helps your soap attack the dirt from your clothes. It successfully removes stains of grease, tea, coffee or fruits and vegetables.
The sodium percarbonate comes with its properties to detach stains and dirt, to disinfect, to remove odor and not at last, as a whitener.

Tell me then, what else do you ask from your laundry detergent?