Fluffy waffles

I made these waffle once but before being able to photograph any they were simply gone. This time I doubled the quantity hoping that I could save some for a photo. Anyway, I had to be quick :).
What I like about these waffles is that they are very soft. They simply melt into your mouth.
Beating the egg whites separately gives them a fluffy structure and that makes optional any addition of a raising agent like yeast or baking powder.
Try these as a snack for your kids and let me know how quickly they disappear.

  • 8 eggs (whites and yolks separated)
  • 500g all-purpose flour
  • 160g butter (melted)
  • 100g sugar
  • 700ml whole milk
  • 20g dry yeast (optional)
  • a pinch of salt

  1. Beat the egg whites with a standing mixer until it foams and add the sugar at the end. Continue to beat until the meringue is well formed.
  2. In another bowls mix the yolks with butter and salt.
  3. Add the dried yeast into the flour and stir it slowly.
  4. Add alternatively into the yolks the flour and milk, incorporating them while gently mixing.
  5. Add this batter slowly into the meringue with the standing mixer turned on, on the lowest speed. 
  6. Heat your waffle iron and poor with an ice cream scoop in each form.
  7. Bake them for few minutes depending on the heating level of your waffle iron.

Recipe inspired from here.


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