Flax seed sourdough sandwich bread

I have tried this recipe in many different ways. Every time I've got an excellent result and it is difficult to say which one was the best. I've tried to bake it in a conventional oven, I've tried to replace the seeds with sesame or chia but all the times I chose the sandwich shape just for practical reasons. With the wood fired oven you do not have to much control over the temperature once the loaves are inside. I tend to get the breads a bit overcooked when using the natural fire, as it was the case for this one.
When changing the seeds I do not find a big striking difference between the versions related to taste. So, feel free to use your preferred kind of seeds.

  • 850g water at room temperature 
  • 275g liquid sourdough (100% hydration) 
  • 225g durum flour
  • 275g spelt flour 
  • 750g white bread flour 
  • 15g gluten 
  • 60g flax seeds 
  • 15g salt 

  1. Day 1, 21:00 Mix all ingredients with a standing mixer. 
  2. Day 1, 21:15 Cover the bowl with a lid and let it stand in a cool place(~10-15ºC) for the first fermentation. 
  3. Day 2, 09:00 AM Take the dough out of the bowl and shape it in 2 oblong loaves. 
  4. Day 2, 10:15 AM Put the loaves in floured baking pans and let them raise for the 2nd fermentation, covered with a towel. 
  5. Day 2, 12:30 PM Bake in the preheated wood fire oven at 230ºC for 30 minutes. 
  6. Day 2, 13:15 Take the breads out of the oven and let them cool on a wire rack. 


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