Aloe vera soap

Uhhh, another soap with adventures but what a lovely result!
I made this soap on Sunday when outside was snowing. I prepared the oil mixture in advance and let it cool to room temperature. I took my lye and iced aloe vera and milk outside in the greenhouse to avoid smells going all around my house. As you can imagine, the temperature outside was close to 0ÂșC. In these conditions, the lye mixture didn't warm too much so when I brought it back inside the house it was cooler than the oils. As I was under the time pressure I couldn't wait longer and mix them together. I was surprised to see that the soap mixture started to harden to reach a false trace. I continued to blend until all the oils were incorporated. The mixture arrived in the end to be quite thick but it was OK to pour it into the mold. Lovely color, lovely texture and nice swirls in the middle. But ooops...I left something behind...the essential oils. No, No, No way to let my soap without a scent so no matter what was about to happen I poured the essential oils on top and mix them in the soap with a thin stick. Uuuuuh luckily...they were absorbed and mixed into the soap. I was almost about to fail... what a beginner mistake ! But in the end what does matter is the result.
The essential oils were well absorbed, the soap looked good, smelled nice and in the end everything was great.

  • olive oil, 200g
  • coconut oil, 250g
  • castor oil, 100g
  • shea butter, 50g
  • sunflower seeds oil, 250g
  • palm oil, 150g
  • essential oil mix (citrus, lavender, mandarin, bergamot), 8.2g
  • aloe vera gel (frozen), 187g
  • milk (frozen), 154g
  • water, 39g
  • NaOH, 142.7g
  • Green chrome oxide mineral powder, 2.4g
  • titanium dioxide, 2.4g


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