Seed bread

This is one of the best breads I made in terms of quality of the crumb. Big holes and an interesting structure inside. As taste, it has the beautiful flavor of sourdough. The seeds on the crust come with a nutty flavor. In combination, crust and crumb makes an amazing bread.

  • 180g seeds (linen, poppy seeds, sesame, millet, sunflower seeds)
  • 1000g bread flour
  • 600g water (at 20ºC) + 120g for seeds
  • 200g liquid sourdough (100% hydrated)
  • 6g fresh yeast
  • 20g salt

  1. Mix the seeds with 120g of water and let them sit in covered bowl.
  2. Mix flour with water for 4 minutes and let it sit for 1h for the autolyse.
  3. To the flour with water add sourdough, yeast and salt. Mix all together for 5 minutes on a slow speed and another 5 minutes on a high speed.
  4. Bulk fermentation 2h at room temperature.
  5. Shape 3 oblong loaves.
  6. Final fermentation 2h30 at room temperature (18-19ºC)
  7. Sprinkle the loafs with water and brush the seeds on top.
  8. Score the loafs with a blade
  9. Preheat the oven at 260ºC with the baking stone inside.
  10. Bake at 260ºC with steam in the first 15 minutes than continue at 220ºC for another 30".
  11. Let it cool on a rack.

This recipe was inspired from Le Larousse du pain - Eric Kayser, page 74.


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