Sesame bread

Spring is at the corner and I am looking forward to see it back. This was the first day of this year when the winter was forgotten. How to receive it better than with a hot bread with sesame?

Let's see the recipe.

  • 1000g bread flour 
  • 400g (200g+200g) sesame seeds
  • 650g water (at 20ºC)
  • 200g sourdough (100% hydrated)
  • 4g fresh yeast
  • 20g salt

  1. Put a baking/silicone sheet on a tray and lay 200g of sesame seeds on it.
  2. Roast them in the oven at 220º for 25 minutes or until they change their color in a nice brown.
  3. Mix four, water, sourdough, salt and yeast in a standing robot, 4 minutes on a low speed and 10 minutes on a higher speed. 
  4. Add the cooled roasted sesame seeds and continue to mix for 2 minutes.
  5. Bulk fermentation 2h at room temperature.
  6. Preshape 3 oblong loaves and let the dough relax for 5 minutes.
  7. Shape the final loafs.
  8. Final fermentation in lightly floured bannetons 1h30 at 24ºC. 
  9. Preheat the oven at 260ºC with the baking stone inside.
  10. Bake with steam in the first 15 minutes at 260ºC and continue for another 30 minutes reducing the temperature to 240ºC.

To make the process of making bread more simple here it is the video of this bread.

This recipe was inspired from Le Larousse du pain - Eric Kayser, page 148.


Tiziana said...

Vero good Denisa and beautiful photo like everytime!

HungryShots said...

Thank you so much, Tiziana.

HungryShots said...

Thank you so much, Tiziana.

Unknown said...

Very useful video

HungryShots said...

Thank you, Walaa El-Din Abdallah.

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